Start Young Minds on the Path to Literacy and Learning Early.

Young children are full of questions, wondering how, why, when, and where. Preschool tutors provide enrichment and learning skills that support and encourage young children to find the answers for themselves by developing reading skills from an early age in a creative and fun learning environment.

Build a Strong Reading Foundation

Tutoring programs for preschool-aged children can help jumpstart your child’s learning success. Children aged 3-6 are most receptive to learning new things, and it is important to get an early start on your child’s reading and listening skills. Almost everything young children do in the pre-school years supports their emerging learning and reading skills. Reading aloud, talking, writing, interacting with other children, crafts — all these build the learning skills that prepare children to enter school.

Wouldn’t it be rewarding to have your preschool child read to you?

Reading and understanding are some of the most critical learning skills your child can develop for academic success. Strong reading skills in preschool can predict academic success in high school. Oxford Learning®’s pre-school tutor program Little Readers® is the best way to give your pre-school-aged child a head start to becoming a strong reader.

Little Readers® | Ages 3 - 6

Develop strong reading skills in the early learning years, even before Grade One! Little Readers® offers fun, flexible program options to meet your family’s needs. 

  • Flexible program options
  • Phonics-based instruction
  • A minimum of two classes per week
  • Literacy and numeracy focus

Oxford Learning®’s Little Readers® Early Reading program for young learners builds a strong foundation in reading that young children can rely on.

*Oxford Learning adheres to all regional and provincial policies and guidelines governing the administration of early education programs for pre-school-aged children.

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