At Oxford Learning®, we focus on developing skills that extend far beyond the classroom. We don’t just teach your child academic skills—our unique programs teach your child how to learn. Your child will build skills that will help them from elementary to post-secondary education and beyond, providing the tools they need to achieve success throughout life.

We truly believe that is the Oxford Learning® Difference.

The Oxford Learning® Advantage

The Oxford Learning® Difference Competitor Comparison Chart

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. Proprietary Curriculum: Cognitive Learning

  2. Oxford Learning® is the only after-school tutoring facility that focuses on cognitive development through a Cognitive Learning approach. This style of learning encourages students to use their brains more effectively by building critical thinking skills, reflective learning techniques, and the ability to transfer new skills. Most importantly, this learning method helps students develop the skills to tackle new challenges by understanding how to reach solutions to problems.

  3. Interactive Coaching

  4. We believe that a good teacher leads, interacts, and helps students understand how to learn. That’s why our teaching method focuses on Interactive Coaching, not just teaching. Finding the solution to a problem is one thing—our tutors ensure your child also understands the path to the solution for more meaningful learning and lasting success.

  5. Dynamic Assessments

  6. Our unique Dynamic Assessments are designed to help us understand how your child learns, uncovering their undiscovered potential, thinking skills, learning weaknesses, and unique learning style. Our Education Coordinators use this information to create a customized tutoring program that meets your child’s unique needs to reach their full potential. Above all else, these assessments are designed to be interactive and fun, creating a stress-free environment for your child.

  7. Fully Trained, Knowledgeable Tutors

  8. Our tutors are fully trained in the Oxford Learning® system, in addition to having a post-secondary education. Many of our tutors are also trained in various areas of public and private education, specializing in a number of areas.

  9. Customized Programs

  10. No two children are the same. That’s why our programs are fully customized to meet your child’s exact needs. This individualized approach helps your child build skills that suit their learning style, so they can achieve lasting results.

  11. Self-Esteem Development

  12. Beyond good grades and better report cards, our programs build confidence in your child so that they are able to fulfill their true potential and achieve success. We help your child build confidence so they enjoy learning and continue to seek out opportunities for improvement later in life.

    Helping Your Child Reach His Or Her Full Potential

    At Oxford Learning®, we focus on helping your child build a foundation that leads to a love for learning and lasting results. With tutoring for every subject and a variety of specialized programs your child can build skills and gain confidence in the areas they need for success.