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How To Teach Students to Love Science

Learning Difficulties

How do you teach students to love science? At Oxford Learning we know the importance of teaching students to love learning for life. In this great video from TED, inventor, environmentalist, and educator Cesar Harada explains the way his classroom brings students and science together. Watch as Cesar argues that children should stop being sheltered from the problems of the world, and instead be empowered to make a difference.


Inspiring Learning By Solving Real Problems

How does Cesar inspire a love of science? Cesar’s class starts by tackling a real problem. Over the past few decades, efforts to clean up plastic litter in the ocean have been ongoing, but as of now, there is no efficient solution that is cost or time effective. Cesar asked his young students to come up with a real life solution to solve this issue.

“I let the imaginations of my students run wild. My job is to try to collect the best of each kid’s ideas and try to combine it into something that hopefully works.”

By building on the ideas of each student, Cesar’s class was able to come up with a machine that could combat water pollution. The class has put the machine online for others to work on and improve. Check out the creative designs here.

“…what was cool about this project was that beyond addressing a local problem, or looking at a local problem, my students used their empathy and their sense of being creative to help…”

Learn more about Cesar’s projects and students on his website

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