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Grade 3 Science Tutoring & Help

Oxford Learning®'s Grade 3 science tutoring is customized to help your child improve upon skills they need to understand the science of living things.

In Grade 3 science, students learn how certain things interact with their environment. If your child is struggling in science, Oxford Learning®’s Grade 3 science tutors can help.

Your child will get way more out of Oxford Learning®’s Grade 3 science tutoring program than just improved grades. Oxford Learning® students also learn lifelong skills such as following directions, developing focus and attention, planning abilities, and confidence.

Grade 3 Science Tutoring Subjects

Growth and Changes in Plants
  • Distinct characteristics in plants
  • Similarities and differences among various kinds of plants
  • The importance of the human protection of plants and their habitats
Strong and Stable Structures
  • Important distinctions between strength and stability
  • Structure forms and functions
  • Forces and how they affect structures
Forces Causing Movement
  • Different types of forces
  • How forces in nature like high winds or water have an impact on humans and the environment
Soils in the Environment
  • How soil is made up of living and non-living things
  • How soil is essential for sustaining all forms of life
  • Positive and negative consequences of human interaction with soil
  • Different characteristics of soils
  • Relationships between soils and other living things