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Grade 2 Science Tutoring & Help

Our Grade 2 science help will get students excited about studying science while also teaching them a number of other valuable skills.

Although children are known to have natural curiosity, not all of them are the same. Some kids are excited by science while others have a harder time connecting with it. For the kids in the latter category, their slipping grade in science may reflect a need for more one-on-one attention. That’s why Oxford Learning®’s Grade 2 science help is here. Your child’s tutor will not only make sure he or she keeps up the grade, but also approaches science with more confidence and enjoyment.

What makes Oxford Learning® different? It’s our quality approach to science instruction. With our help, students not only improve on their Grade 2 science, they also learn a host of other valuable skills including learning to follow direction, focusing and paying attention, planning and confidence development.

Grade 2 Science Tutoring Subjects

Growth and Changes in Animals
  • Animals and human characteristics
  • Similarities and differences among various kinds of animals
  • Human protection of animals and animal habitats
Understanding Movement
  • Spatial relationships
  • Stationary and moving objects
  • Simple machines that help objects to move
  • How machines make human lives more enjoyable and easier to live
Liquids and Solids
  • Different properties of liquids and solids
  • Different reactions of liquids and solids
  • Environmental harm
Air and Water in the Environment
  • Air and water as part of the environment
  • Living things dependency for survival
  • How human actions can affect the quality of water and air