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Grade 5 Science Tutoring & Help

With our Grade 5 science help, your child will lean the skills needed to develop confidence and interest in science class as concepts become more advanced.

In Grade 5, science becomes a bit more specialized because it deals with human organ systems. Kids may show more interest in what relates to them directly, rather than with more broad categories like plants, forces, and movement. If your child is having difficulty staying interested in science, an Oxford Learning®’s Grade 5 science tutor can help.

Oxford Learning® is dedicated to our students’ success. We offer quality instruction so your child gets the 5th Grade science help he or she needs to not only improve science marks, but also excel in other areas of learning. We help our students improve their focus and attention, plan more effectively, improve homework skills, and work on self-confidence. That’s the Oxford Learning® approach.

Grade 5 Science Tutoring Subjects

Human Organ Systems
  • Human organ systems are components of the body
  • How they work with one another
  • Choices and the overall health of the body
Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms
  • How natural forces affect society
  • How humans measure forces in order to determine their impact on structures
Properties of and Changes in Matter
  • The properties of various materials
  • The three states of matter
  • How matter changes in state but still remain the same matter
  • Chemical changes
Conservation of Energy and Resources
  • Energy sources
  • How energy sources are renewable and nonrenewable
  • Conservation efforts
  • How choices about using energy and resources can impact the environment