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Grade 6 Science Tutoring & Help

Oxford Learning® makes learning science easy and fun, helping your child achieve better grades and learn the skills they need to succeed.

If your child is having a difficult time connecting with Grade 6 science, there is a solution for you. With Oxford Learning®’s Grade 6 science help, your child will approach his/her science lessons with more confidence and enthusiasm. Your child will also take away skills that are applicable outside the classroom.

What makes Oxford Learning®’s Grade 6 science tutoring program different? It’s our quality approach to instruction. With our Grade 6 science help, students can get a better mark on their report card, but that’s not all. Students also build confidence and acquire other useful skills for years to come. They learn to better focus and pay attention, plan things out, and build homework skills. That’s the Oxford Learning® difference.

Grade 6 Science Tutoring Subjects

  • Biodiversity involving individuals, species and ecosystems
  • How choices humans make can impact the planet positively and negatively
  • How maintaining diversity is critical to the health and survival of the planet
  • Societal consequences of flying devices
  • Environmental consequences of flying devices
  • Characteristics of structures and properties of air that make flying possible
Electricity and Electrical Devices
  • How electricity works
  • How electricity can be transformed into other forms of energy
  • How society can minimize the environmental impact of energy production
  • Introduction to astronomy
  • How the Earth is a part of a large interrelated system
  • How technological advances enabled humans to study space and how this affects our lives