Since 1965, French immersions programs have been steadily growing across Canada, with about 89% of Canadians agreeing that a bilingual education offers better employment opportunities. French, however, can be a challenging second language to learn. Parents may worry that they will not be able to assist their child/children in the process. Fortunately, there are various […]

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Every student in Canada will take French during their schooling. While French may be one of Canada’s two official languages, it doesn’t mean that learning French is easy for every student. French can be difficult for parents as well, especially if their child is struggling and they are unable to help with homework because of a language […]

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French immersion student studying

Since the debut of the first French Immersion School in 1965, French Immersion education has been steadily growing across Canada. French immersion programs offer a variety of options to help your child succeed without the need for a French-speaking parent, and can ultimately guide your child to an accelerated and successful career. Are you interested […]

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Child in french class ready to learn

Regardless of the level of French study your child is participating in, it can be frustrating not being able to help with homework or studying for tests. Some math or English homework may take a moment for parents to remember how things are done, but in French, many parents feel completely helpless and discouraged at […]

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man and boy studying french at home

Learning French? Need some extra tips to get ahead? These fun and helpful tips help French language learners of all ages and grades turn “je ne sais pas” into O-la-la!” 1. Watch your favourite shows and movies—in French! Listening to French will helps students acquire better pronunciation and improves the ability to distinguish words, sentences, […]

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