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Many children (and their parents) dream of someday going off to college or university. Of course, there is a big difference between dreaming about it and creating a roadmap for success. Planning for college can be a long journey, so it’s wise to start as soon as possible. While it’s important to keep your options […]

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Boy preparing for his SAT and ACT

College admission tests are not something a student wants to leave up to chance. The results of these tests can play a major role in determining a student’s future, so it’s important to be prepared. SAT/ACT prep courses are available online or in class, and can cost plenty both in time and money. With so […]

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Getting into post secondary school can be a stressful time in many teens’ lives. Choosing which schools to apply to, selecting programs and preparing for a new journey after high school can all add stress. On top of all that, the SAT/ACT exams are required if they are interested in schools in the United States, […]

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The SAT entrance exam was recently redesigned. Even though the changes may seem daunting, the preparation process remains the same. With experts recommending at least 60 hours of study time needed to properly prepare (and that’s on top of regular school work) it’s no wonder that teens call the SAT and the ACT the most stressful […]

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