Eliminate Final Exams

In recent years, a growing number of school boards, including the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB), have decided to eliminate final exams, saying that student mental health and well-being are one of the primary reasons. Grade 9 and 10 students in the OCDSB were given the entire week off unless they had incomplete work.  This […]

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Summer Learning Gap

Every year, the cycle repeats. After a summer spent chasing butterflies, swimming, working, or just plain lazing about, hundreds of thousands of students file back into their schools after the break, ready for a new school year. Or are they? Typically when students return to school in the fall after two months of break, they […]

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Future of Learning

What does the future of learning look like? In a world filled with rapidly changing technology, it’s crucial to stay informed about the trends shaping the future of learning. Staples studied Canadian parents and teachers to understand current perspectives, priorities, obstacles, and possibilities for learning for the present generation of children better. So, what does […]

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Grade Inflation

All parents take pride in their children’s academic achievements. A stellar report card can be a testament to their hard work and potential. But do grades mean what you think they mean? Grade Inflation is a growing concern in today’s educational landscape. But what is grade inflation and what can parents do to ensure their […]

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