Helping your child stay motivated and maintain their learning momentum for the entire school year can be challenging. After the back-to-school excitement wears off, motivation and momentum can begin to wane. With a few weeks of school under students’ belts, the school year begins in earnest. Tests. Homework. Studying. But also procrastinating, daydreaming in class, […]

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Canadian Attitudes Toward Homework

Educators, parents, and students have debated homework for decades. Public opinion swings between strong support for homework and concern about its value and effectiveness. Where do Canadians stand on the subject of homework? The Importance of Balance In Canada, homework can be a double-edged sword. Canadians mostly support homework as an essential tool to help […]

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Dyslexia Signs

Dyslexia is a common learning disability affecting how individuals process written language. It is important to identify dyslexia signs early in life to provide appropriate support and interventions.  However, the signs of dyslexia may vary depending on the individual’s age. Keep reading to learn more about the signs of dyslexia at different stages of development, […]

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Kids organization

Many children face difficulties with being organized in their daily lives. Some kids find it more challenging than others, whether keeping their schoolwork tidy, managing their belongings or sticking to a schedule.  Here are some common reasons kids may struggle with organization and practical tips to support them in developing this key life skill. 6 […]

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