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Maintaining Momentum Beyond The First Weeks of School

Helping your child stay motivated and maintain their learning momentum for the entire school year can be challenging. After the back-to-school excitement wears off, motivation and momentum can begin to wane.

With a few weeks of school under students’ belts, the school year begins in earnest. Tests. Homework. Studying. But also procrastinating, daydreaming in class, and forgetting assignments.

If back-to-school is a sprint, then the rest of the school year is a marathon! This New-School-Year-Tips Roundup helps students prevent last year’s problems from reappearing, maintain momentum, and set the pace for success this school year!

New-School-Year-Tips Roundup


Homework is a fact of life for students. The sooner students develop a reliable homework routine, the less stressful homework becomes. Check out the following articles for our top homework tips.

  • Is homework piling up? These 11 Tips can help your child manage homework overload.
  • If homework is taking over your living room or dining room table, setting up a study studio can help contain homework messes and keep your child organized during homework time.
  • If your child is trying to do too many things at once, they may need support to stop multitasking.
  • When students find homework stressful, it’s natural to want to help. It’s important to understand how to help students effectively.

Study Skills

Before you know it, the first unit will be over, and it’s time for a test! Studying can be stressful, especially because many students are unsure how to study effectively. Turn studying from stressful to stress-free with these tips:

  • Make study notes. Taking notes while studying engages more parts of the brain, which makes study time active and boosts retention. Here’s how to take effective study notes.
  • Studying is more than simply reading over notes. These study techniques help students study effectively, making the most of their study time.
  • The best study tips actually happen in class by taking proper class notes.
  • Self-quizzing is an effective way to identify any areas that need more review.

Habits & Routines

What happens at home is as important as what happens in school. Health and well-being play a vital role in learning and motivation in school. Here’s what to watch out for:

  • Getting too much or too little sleep. Sleep habits are vital to student success.
  • Procrastination at school can negatively impact students, leading to poor school performance, lower grades, and higher school stress. Here’s how to overcome procrastination.
  • Too much screen time can have many negative effects, such as social/emotional issues, mental and physical health issues, and even academic issues.
  • Poor organization skills can cause stress both in and out of school. Learn how to help students overcome disorganization.

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