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Shopping for new school supplies gets kids ready for school, but that’s just the start! 

There are many other ways to prepare kids for the upcoming school year that help them start a new grade ready to learn from the first day of classes!

Your child is probably anticipating starting school and possibly a little bit anxious. With these easy suggestions, you can help them (and you) feel more prepared to tackle another academic year. Make a successful transition from summer to school this year!

Get Ready for a Great Back-to-School!

Warming up the brain before the new grade begins helps students feel more confident about the year ahead! 

  • Review last year’s school work for a refresher on key concepts
  • Re-introduce routines, such as morning schedules and bedtimes
  • Talk about the upcoming school year to lessen stress

Don’t forget to schedule some family time!

Planning small routine check-ins with your youngster, even if it’s just over breakfast, can make a significant difference. These check-ins can help assure your child that you’re taking on these new challenges together and give them the confidence and the opportunity to talk to you as the school year progresses about any worries they may have. See this top 10 back-to-school preparation list for the upcoming year!

Beat Summer Brain Drain

Did you know that over summer vacation, students’ achievement scores can decline by over one month’s worth of school-year learning?

The best way to prepare for back-to-school academic success is by maintaining learning momentum all summer long! There are so many fun ways to beat the summer brain drain. The best way is by reading every day. It doesn’t mean that your child needs to read a book. They can read instructions on how to bake something, read articles online, or even read a magazine. 

Keeping learning going all summer long will ease the transition to returning to school. Learn more about summer brain drain here! 

Start Strong, Stay Strong! 

The habits and routines that students develop at the start of school go a long way toward helping them prepare not only for back-to-school success but for success that lasts for the entire school year!

Keeping everyone organized and settling into a routine will help you begin the school year strong. When students start their school year organized and with a routine, it will help them keep being organized and stick to a routine all year long. This will result in better academic success and less procrastination on the student’s part. Check out these 50 organization tips and tricks

Back to School Success with Oxford Learning

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