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Surprising Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Besides speaking a different language, are there benefits of learning a second language?

In Canada, all English language public school students take French as a Second Language. As one of two official languages in Canada, having French language skills can help students secure future employment.

However, there are many more benefits to learning a second language! Other second language benefits include improved problem-solving, reasoning, and creative thinking skills.

First Language Bonus!

Spanish, English, French, German—or any other second language—as students learn a second language, they also improve their first-language skills and overall literacy skills! While students learn their native language intuitively, learning a second language improves their understanding of grammar, syntax and other language structures of their first language.

3 Surprising Benefits of Learning a Second Language:

Better Test Scores

Studies show that students who learn a second language perform better on tests than their monolingual peers. In the US, students who learn a second language got better test scores on the ACT in English and math and better verbal scores on the SAT. In Canada, French immersion students outperform non-immersion students in the PISA reading assessment.

Boosted Multitasking Skills

Research shows that students who learn a second language have better functioning in the executive function part of the brain. This is the part of the brain that can ignore distractions to stay focused on one thing while ignoring another. It also allows us to switch between tasks. Because bilingual students mentally switch between languages, the brain becomes adept at switching between tasks and filtering out information.

Improved Brain Power

Learning a new language is a complex task, no matter what age the student is. Second language acquisition involves an intricate system that requires plenty of practice. As students’ brains work on figuring out the rules, the brain develops stronger problem-solving and recall skills, among others. The brainpower boost can have positive effects for years and is especially helpful for seniors. Therefore, taking clases de inglés will be helpful in the long run.

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English as a Second Language

Strengthen English Language skills with Oxford Learning. Developed to help students of all ages become proficient in the English Language. Our ESL program uses the phonetic method to teach English to individuals of all ages and fluency. With our specialized program students increase their reading and writing skills by learning English strategies and gaining self-confidence.

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