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French Immersion in Canada

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Since the debut of the first French Immersion School in 1965, French Immersion education has been steadily growing across Canada.

French immersion programs offer a variety of options to help your child succeed without the need for a French-speaking parent, and can ultimately guide your child to an accelerated and successful career.

Are you interested in a French Immersion education for your child? We’ve put together an overview of facts and history to help you learn more about French Immersion in Canada.

Quick French Immersion Facts

  • Only 22% of parents of French Immersion students primarily speak French
  • Newfoundland has the highest percentage of French Immersion students in Canada
  • 89% of Canadians agree that a bilingual education offers better employment opportunities

Help your child succeed in French Immersion

  • Have your child translate their French work into English
  • Seek support from French speaking friends, family, or tutors
  • Participate in adult French courses
  • Encourage French speaking in every day life

French Immersion in Canada

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