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How Technology Affects Kids’ Social and Emotional Learning

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Technology and learning are important topics at Oxford Learning.

We love looking at the different ways that technology has changed how students learn and access information in and out of school. This great video from Common Sense Media looks at another important aspect—how technology usage is having an impact on students’ emotional intelligence.

How kids feel when they are in school is an important part of their education: kids need to feel emotionally safe and secure as part of a healthy learning environment. According to the panel discussing the topic, technology is having a major impact on how students interact—and not necessarily for the better.

Sherry Turkle, professor of Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT points out that over the past 20 years there has been a 40% decline in college students on measurements of empathy. That lack of face-to-face interaction via conversation is one of the biggest contributors to bullying, and that too much time spent behind devices rather than engaging one-on-one is affecting how students interact.

Jim Steyer, founder Common Sense Media, adds that we need to start talking about this topic:

Devices now, when used inappropriately… get in the way of very basic important human feelings and that transforms the nature of the relationship. At the school level you have to have an ongoing conversation about this with other parents, other kids, and the teachers in your schools…This is not just a family conversation, this has to happen in schools, and it has to happen culturally.

Host Katie Couric adds,

You think about things that people would write or text or email that they would never say to your face because they wouldn’t want to have that interaction.

Watch the video for more, and for a great tip your family can implement to decrease device time and increase face time. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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