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Quality Grade 12 French Tutoring & Help

Our Grade 12 French tutors help students improve their French fluency and develop other skills that are valuable in everyday life including study skills, active thinking, planning abilities, and confidence.

By Grade 12, students learning French should be nearly fluent in their academic settings. But learning another language is a lifelong endeavour, so students are given an opportunity to practice their French skills in Grade 12, and take their French skills to post-secondary success. If you are struggling or want to improve in French before leaving high school, Oxford Learning® has everything you need.

Grade 12 French Tutoring Subjects

  • Understand and extract meaning from French texts
  • Understand in a variety of contexts, such as describe the reactions of people interviewed, identify the main themes of a French song, and extract meaning and details of a podcast
  • Practice interactive listening strategies: look for body languages and social cues
  • Speak with fluency and confidence
  • Communicate, interact, and demonstrate intercultural understanding
  • Use oral communication strategies to persuade, inform, explain, or entertain
  • Identify the purpose and audience of their speech and use correct sentence structures
  • Use appropriate intonation and accurate pronunciation
  • Practise reading comprehension
  • Identify the purposes of form and style
  • Demonstrate intercultural understanding
  • Extract implicit and explicit messages of academic texts they read
  • Increase their speed to a near-native level and demonstrate understanding context
  • Define audience, purpose, and form of writing
  • Generate, develop, and organize content ideas, draft and revise, and produce final work