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Quality Grade 9 French Tutoring & Help

Oxford Learning® does more than help your teen get better grades: our cognitive approach helps teens learn how to learn, so they will carry on learning even after the textbook is closed.

No matter which Grade 9 French program your teen is taking, the ability to speak and understand French is an important part of Canadian education. If your teen is struggling with any part of the curriculum or is simply not challenged enough, we offer Grade 9 French help. Our qualified Grade 9 French tutors will set your teen up for success throughout high school and beyond.

Find out more about our ‘En français’ program to get your teen immersed in the French language and ignite a passion for language.

Grade 9 French Tutoring Subjects

  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of familiar topics through listening to songs, radio broadcasts, oral messages
  • Interact in a structured and guided environment
  • Identify future tenses
  • Ability to understand and respond to subjects about themselves and their opinions
  • Be able to understand and react to expressions of politeness
  • Be able to speak clearly and coherently
  • Be able to spontaneously respond to questions about familiar and personal interest topics and give opinions
  • Be able to use the future tenses to talk about hopes for the future
  • Ability to talk at a smooth pace with accurate intonation and proper pronunciation
  • Ability to exchange ideas and opinions at ease with tutors
  • Understand a variety of French texts about personally and academically relevant topics
  • Read French text with familiar words and phrases with fluency
  • Demonstrate an understanding of French speaking communities and cultures through learning from text
  • Ability to write about personal opinions, and academic topics
  • Clearly communicate using the correct spelling and punctuation
  • Be able to communicate knowledge about French speaking communities and cultures in a written form