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Quality Grade 10 French Tutoring & Help

At Oxford Learning®, French tutoring is about more than just helping your teen to get better grades.

The ability to speak and understand French is an important skill for everyone, but even more so for students in Canada. Being able to communicate well in French is important for a teen’s career. Give your teen a French boost with Oxford Learning®’s expert Grade 10 French help. From beginner to expert, our Grade 10 French tutors help teens develop a stronger knowledge of the French language, while igniting a passion for French that will last a lifetime.

Along with better French skills, teens in both Core and Extended French develop better thinking and study techniques, as well as active learning strategies that develop confidence both in and out of the classroom.

Grade 10 French Tutoring Subjects

Listening and Speaking
  • Understand and respond to a variety of spoken texts and non-structured media works
  • Express ideas and opinions in teacher-led discussions
  • Make oral presentations
  • Use appropriate language conventions during oral communication
  • Read and understand a variety of texts and simple authentic materials
  • Apply critical thinking as he/she reads
  • Identify and understand language conventions in texts that he/she is reading
  • Express ideas and opinions in short texts
  • Create short written texts in structured and open-ended situations
  • Identify and use language conventions in written work