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Quality Grade 1 French Tutoring & Help

Oxford Learning®'s Grade 1 French tutoring program will develop your child's thinking and learning skills, making him or her better able to start a brand new language.

The ability to speak and understand French is an important skill for everyone, but even more so for students in Canada. Being able to communicate well in French is vital for our children in their future careers.  If you want to give your child a French boost, Oxford Learning® has expert Grade 1 French help.

A Grade 1 French tutor will help your child gain a broad knowledge of the language and ignite a passion for learning while teaching all of the skills that he/she will need for a successful future.

Grade 1 French Tutoring Subjects

  • Your child will learn to understand meaning in a variety of oral texts in French, and how to accurately interpret messages in French from a variety of different audiences.
  • Our Grade 1 French tutor will teach how to communicate ideas orally in French using language specific to Grade 1 and how to participate in spoken interactions in French.
  • He/she will learn how to determine meaning in French written texts, and identify the purpose and characteristics of a variety of texts.
  • Your child will learn how to write clearly in a variety of tones and forms, for a variety of purposes and audiences, and learn basic editing skills