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Quality Kindergarten Early Reading Help

Oxford Learning®’s Kindergarten Early Reading courses are designed to ignite a passion for reading. Reading tutors help children as young as three understand the benefits of reading and develop a strong foundation in reading skills.

Reading skills are the foundation of all learning. In fact they are so important, reading skills in early elementary school can actually predict academic success in high school. By helping young children develop reading skills before school begins and by igniting a passion for books and reading, Oxford Learning®’s early reading tutors give children the tools and passion they need to build a strong reading foundation that leads to a lifetime of literacy.

Give your three- to six-year-old a head start to school success with Oxford Learning®. Our Early Reading programs are a great kindergarten supplement and cover fundamental reading topics, including:

Early Reading Subjects

Alphabet Awareness: Letters and Sounds
  • Our Early Reading Kindergarten programs helps children at the beginning of their reading training. Students learn reading fundamentals including letter recognition, letter sounds, vowels and consonants, and digraphs and blends.
Printing and Punctuation
  • Children are taught how to form letters and print basic words and sentences including uppercase and lowercase letters and proper spacing between words, leading to writing simple sentences.
Shapes and Colours
  • Children develop their fine motor skills in fun crafting activities that focus on developing recognition of shapes and colours. As children’s fine motor skills develop, so does their penmanship and writing clarity.
Addition and Subtraction
  • Early reading skills and vocabulary are also developed with basic numeracy skills such as number recognition, counting, and with the introduction of abstract concepts such as similar vs. different and more vs. less.