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Quality Grade 2 French Tutoring & Help

Oxford Learning®’s Grade 2 French tutoring helps your child develop the learning skills that are needed to excel in French class!

Young students are in the best position to learn a foreign language. Their brains are wired to acquire linguistic information. Oxford Learning®’s Grade 2 French help teaches students to develop their French skills by giving them a solid foundation in the basics and by increasing their confidence in their French abilities.

Oxford Learning®’s Grade 2 French tutors ensure that students with all levels of French abilities from introductory to French First Language develop grade-level appropriate French skills, but also gain valuable skills that will be useful for all years to come. Students will be able to focus and pay attention better, follow directions, have decoding skills and planning abilities, and most importantly, develop confidence they will use for years to come.

Grade 2 French Tutoring Subjects

  • There are many types of listening strategies that students are expected to gain by the end of Grade 2. They include: listening to understand, interacting, and comprehending context.
  • Students gain better listening skills with Oxford Learning®’s grade 2 French tutors and develop improved listening comprehension strategies.
  • Students will have familiarity with greetings and expressions of courtesy.
  • Students can improve on their reading comprehension abilities with our Grade 2 French help. They learn to use proper reading comprehension strategies, read for meaning, and read for fluency. Reading also helps develop vocabulary and identify purpose, form, and style.
  • Oxford Learning®’s Grade 2 French tutor helps students improve writing skills. Students learn to identify the purpose of writing, develop a variety of writing forms, develop vocabulary, and use stylistic elements.
  • Students also learn about the process of writing, which includes generating, developing, and organizing ideas, drafting and revising, and producing finished work after proofreading.