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Quality Grade 3 French Tutoring & Help

Oxford Learning®’s Grade 3 French tutor program ensures students of all skill levels get a quality approach to French instruction.

Since everyone learns at a different pace, learning a new language can be challenging for Grade 3 students. Oxford Learning®’s Grade 3 French tutoring helps young students improve their French skills and understand what they learn.

Not only will students develop understanding of their classwork, they also learn important skills they can use for years to come including following direction, focusing and attention abilities, planning, and developing confidence. That’s the Oxford Learning® difference.

Grade 3 French Tutoring Subjects

  • Understand, interact, and have intercultural awareness
  • Identify different listening strategies
  • Participate in group work
  • Follow multi-step instructions
  • Identify different patterns and expressions
  • Formulate questions
  • Speak to communicate, interact, and have intercultural understanding
  • Learn proper pronunciation, appropriate intonation, and smooth pace
  • Communicate information about local French-speaking communities
  • Connect this information to their personal experience and insight
  • Improve reading comprehension and identify different form and style
  • Read for meaning and understand the intent behind texts
  • Read with fluency
  • Improve vocabulary
  • Identify the purpose and audience for writing
  • Generate, develop, and organize ideas, draft and revise, and present finished work
  • Apply Sociolinguistic conventions such as writing dates and standard formats for written communication