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Quality Grade 5 French Tutoring & Help

Oxford Learning®’s Grade 5 French tutors help students of all French abilities develop the basic tools they need to take their French skills to the next level.

Learning another language can be a difficult task. Students who start off learning French with confidence have the foundation they need to succeed later on. The skills learned in Oxford Learning®’s Grade 5 French tutoring program help your child not just in Grade 5, but in every grade!

As students interact with their tutors, they gain self-esteem, learn valuable communication skills, and develop learning strategies they can rely on for years to come.

Grade 5 French Tutoring Subjects

Oral Communication
  • Contribute to class discussions and answer questions aloud
  • Conduct an oral presentation in front of the class
  • Practice pronunciation and intonation
  • Read various texts and stories
  • Read independently and aloud for others to hear
  • Respond to written questions
  • Create and proofread a first draft
  • Edit and produce a final draft
  • Respond on paper to questions about a given text