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Quality Grade 7 French Tutoring & Help

With Oxford Learning®’s Grade 7 French tutoring program, students are given the customized attention they need to truly succeed in French.

With two years left of elementary school, Grade 7 can be a stressful year for students, especially in French class. If your child seems to be falling behind, he or she can benefit from an Oxford Learning® Grade 7 French tutor.

As students strengthen their French skills, they also gain confidence in their newfound abilities, leading to better French grades.

Grade 7 French Tutoring Subjects

Oral Communication
  • Speak with compound sentences
  • Answer oral questions and react to oral stories
  • Conduct an oral presentation
  • Analyze and understand various texts
  • Employ reading strategies
  • Produce and edit written work
  • Use compound sentences, questions, and new vocabulary in written work