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Quality Grade 1 English Tutoring & Help

The school’s curriculum moves at a set pace, but at Oxford Learning®, your child will build Grade 1 English skills at a pace that meets his or her needs exactly.

In Grade 1 English, children begin learning the basics of reading and writing. The supportive Grade 1 English tutors at Oxford Learning® encourage your child to be a better speller, writer, and reader, helping him or her build a solid foundation in the basic building blocks of English. From learning basic words to writing paragraphs, students strengthen their English skills at a pace that meets their needs.

Your child’s customized 1st Grade English tutoring program teaches the thinking and learning skills needed to be successful in Grade 1 English, and in every grade afterward.

Grade 1 English Tutoring Subjects

Oral Communication
  • Expressing own feelings and opinions about a given text or story
  • Responding to specific questions about a written text
  • Reading a variety of simple texts ranging from short stories to song lyrics
  • Writing short sentences and paragraphs to illustrate personal events and experiences
  • Describing and labeling images with words
  • Spelling words and forming basic sentences
Media Literacy
  • Responding to advertisements, photographs, and other media forms