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10 Essential Study Skills Every Student Needs 

Every student needs study tips for better studying. Study skills are the techniques that every student relies on when studying for a test. But not every student knows how to make the most of their study time.

Study skills—the techniques students use in class, when doing homework, or preparing for a test—help make learning and remembering information easier, making writing tests less stressful.

Having reliable study skills is essential to becoming organized, helping students stay focused, retain information correctly, and beat procrastination. 

Developing study skills is an ongoing process; studying skills will become increasingly important as students progress through school.

Common Sense Tips:

  • Give yourself plenty of time. Begin early. Don’t rush, and work systematically.
  • Create a study schedule. Make lists of what to work on each night.
  • Gather study supplies first to not waste time searching for what you need. 
  • Use a timer to avoid study burnout.
  • Don’t procrastinate.

Using the right techniques can make studying and learning easier! Check out these ten research-backed study tips

 10 Study Tips Backed By Research

Make study time more efficient and effective by spending less time studying and more time remembering with these 10 Essential Study Tips from Oxford Learning.

10 Essential Study Skills Every Student Needs
Create Study Notes By Hand
Read From Paper Not Screens
Don’t Multitask
Create a Practice Test
Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Choose Different Study Locations
Nutrition Helps Improve Memory
Exercise Boosts Retention
Practise Paraphrasing
Make Forgetting Work in Your Favour

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