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10 Tips for Mastering Math

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MATH. Just the mere mention of the word can send shivers down the spines of students. But math class doesn’t have to be feared or loathed, and it doesn’t have to be the mark on students’ report cards that causes stress. Now that the school year is well under way, it’s the perfect time to look at how students have been approaching math class so far and implement changes that can help boost that math grade before it’s too late.
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1. Do all of the homework: Homework is for practicing and mastering concepts learned in class. Don’t consider it optional!
2. Fight not to miss class: Math moves fast and is cumulative (concepts build upon one another), so missing one class can mean falling behind and staying behind.
3. Find a friend to be your study partner: Friends can help you work through complex problems, can offer another way of explaining a concept, and can catch you up on a missed lesson, should you have to be absent.
4. Establish a good relationship with the teacher: Teachers are not the enemy, they want you to succeed! Speak to the teacher regularly to show interest in the class and in your learning, and to ask any questions.
5. Analyze and understand every mistake: Don’t ignore your mistakes, learn from them! Revisit test/homework questions you got wrong and figure out where you made your mistake, so you don’t do it again.
6. Get help fast: Don’t wait until report cards come to get help. If you know you’re having difficulty, get extra help before the problem gets too bad to fix in time.
7. Don’t swallow your questions: Asking questions is how we learn. Many students are shy to raise their hand in class, but often many other students have the same question, or it helps solidify the information both for you and your classmates. If you are too shy to ask in class, make sure you jot down your question and approach the teacher after class.
8. Basic skills are essential: Do you know your multiplication tables off by heart? Having trouble with basic skills will equal trouble with more complex skills. Practice, practice, practice!
9. Understand what the calculator is doing: If you can get the right answer on a calculator, but have no idea how you did it, you don’t understand the math concept, you simply understand how to use a calculator. Make sure you understand what exactly your calculator is doing and why you are getting the answer you are, whether right or wrong.
10. Your tip here: Have a tip for mastering math? Let us know!

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