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Four Bad Habits Students Should Avoid

Every student has different study habits. Moreover, there are both good and bad study habits. These can be detrimental to a student’s academic performance. Bad study habits can even impact a student’s confidence, academic pace and success. Combating these bad study habits is critical to maintain or improve grades. The most effective way to avoid these bad study habits is to be aware of what they are.

Recognizing Bad Habits and How To Change Them

Are you getting bad grades and unsure why? There is an art to studying that can become complex. However, when given the right tools, any student can develop good study habits. Even if you’re studying hard, you may not be getting the grades you want! Studying hard does not automatically lead to successful grades. 

Here are the 4 bad study habits students should avoid to improve their grades.

  1. Fixating On Perfectionism

Students that enjoy education may begin to fixate on acing every assignment. However, perfectionism can be a weakness when it comes to school and studying. Focusing too much on one detail or topic on an assignment can leave you prepared in that area. Conversely, it can have you lacking in other areas. A 2016 analysis of perfectionism found little to no benefit to students and athletes. Resist the urge to spend excessive time on a topic or subject and instead multitask. 

2. Studying With the Wrong Group

Studying with peers can be beneficial to learning. However, it depends on the type of study group you have! Not all peers make exceptional study partners. The wrong classmates can do more harm than good and be distracting. If friends are distracting you in class, take a break from them. Choose a study group of peers that are focused on the studies. A successful study group can help a student learn faster and hone skills.

3. Consuming Energy Drinks

Students and athletes alike consume energy drinks for a boost. However, energy drinks can be harmful to health. In fact, energy drinks can lead to high-stress levels, insomnia and headaches. These drinks may stimulate the brain temporarily, but they can lead to a caffeine crash. A 2015 study found that one energy drink increases stress hormones. Opt for water, juice or tea instead!

4. Poor Time Management

Time management is an important skill for a student of any age. However, it can be easy for a student to place studying as a last priority. Creating an agenda or study plan can help structure students better manage their time . Good time management can prevent bad study habits and promote better learning. Managing time wisely improves your decision-making abilities for the long-term.

Good study habits allow you to accomplish more and improve your learning skills for the future. If you need help improving those bad study habits, Oxford Learning top tutor programs are available for every subject and grade.

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