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My daughter was struggling with school and pinpointing the exact issue was half of the battle. The assessment at Windermere Oxford Learning Centre was dead on. The assessment allowed us to see how my daughter was learning and we could now understand the exact struggles she dealt with. The results gave me the knowledge of what changes needed to be made and how specifically we could help her. It actually brought tears to my eyes. My daughter has begun to develop confidence in her school work and her level of understanding grows stronger every day. I have been to other tutoring companies throughout the years, but have never been as impressed and as grateful as I am for the owner and teachers at Windermere Oxford Learning Centre. I will continue to use their services and I recommend this to all busy parents with children who need a little or a lot of help with school.
Oxford Learning Windermere is an absolutely stunning example of a true commitment to childhood academics. They have an ability to work independently with children of all ages, and to really set a standard of excellence in their expectations. The environment is well founded through the skills of the kind, intelligent, and patient staff. Both of my children (ages 3 and 6) have had an amazing experience, and it is their favourite activity all week! I would highly recommend it for an academic endeavours!
This is a wonderful, clean and organized facility. Thank you to the director, Shalini Grewal for taking the time to assess our child and provide us with some direction in facilitating his learning goals. Thank you to all the talented and hardworking teachers for their patience and kindness in their teaching methods. Everyone is so positive and they make learning fun. We are grateful for their ability to accommodate our schedules for each session. Thank you for all your guidance and keep up the great work. AMH, Edmonton, Alberta
The staff at Oxford Learning Windermere have been incredible! I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience. They took the time to learn and listen how best to support our child. It really has been life-changing for our family. Extremely well run and very positive environment.
We are so thrilled with the teachers and the program, specifically Little Readers. My daughter has learned so much and is so passionate to learn.
Wendy. R-V
Oxford Learning has helped my children immensely. I have 4 children and they all go there. Oxford Learning builds a foundation for them to succeed. It helps them form good study habits and gives them tricks to help them study and do well in school. I highly recommend it.
I homeschool my children. It takes a lot for me to put them in any school-like environment. However, I've recently enrolled my 3-yr-old in the Little Readers program because it's such an amazing program with incredible teachers who truly care about their students. My son (who's never been in any classes alone) has so much fun when he's there. He comes home and is so proud of what he's learning. I trust these teachers completely with my children. I plan to sign my 6-yr-old up for tutoring classes as well. I am so glad we've found this wonderful location and plan to recommend them to all of our friends and family!
My three-year-old daughter entered the program at Oxford Learning a few months ago and her progress with reference writing, word recognition, number recognition. etc, have been outstanding! The director of the centre, Shalini Grewal, is excellent and makes a real effort to understand each child and their needs; the teacher in her room, Mrs. Monica, truly cares about the children and their progress. I highly recommend the program at this centre to help kick-start your child's early educational needs.
Nizam I.
Our family has been with Oxford Learning since the summer of 2017. It was the BEST decision we have ever made for our children's educational futures! We have 4 children from preschool to Grace 7 and we feel all of them have benefited from the program tremendously. They were all taught to time manage, think methodically, be strategic in problem solving, and to be eager to learn more. Over the last few years, the Oxford Learning staff has become a part of our family. Shalini runs an awesome program in Windermere, so much so that we are proud to refer our friends and families to attend the Oxford Learning program on numerous occasions and they love it!
We moved from the UK with two preschool-age kids and found this excellent place where we could trust our children to start their most important years of fun in the name of learning. My wife, having worked as a primary school teacher in the UK for over a decade, was very impressed when we first met the in-charge of Oxford Learning Windermere. After you step in you will notice an immaculately clean bright place with staff full of enthusiasm and patience. They are very friendly but at the same time, professionalism and dedication is second to none. We came to know about the different programs they offer and how each program is tailored to an individual child's learning needs and capacity. We were happy that our kids were in good hands. They enforce a positive approach to new experiences to develop personal, social and emotional development of all children along with their academics. Most importantly it's a happy place; both my kids are very happy and look forward to going there.
Ansu D.
I can’t thank you enough for the amazing program you provide at Oxford Learning. The teachers and staff create such a caring environment in conjunction with an academically enriched curriculum! They always go the extra mile and their dedication to the little details did not go unnoticed We are well aware of the effort you put into each child in your center. Thank you for going above and beyond for children and being such a caring and important part of our community.
Guven G.
It is an amazing learning environment for children of all ages. I am so happy with the friendly and hardworking staff and the Director Ms. Shalini. They offer tremendous support to kids that need extra support in school work. Two of my kids attend the center and it really helped my older son to pursue his passion for going to medical school. My youngest started a few months ago and am surprised at how he is thriving! They are just awesome! I will definitely recommend Oxford Learning to every child who needs extra support in school. Keep up the good work Oxford Learning Windermere Team!
Zainab A.
This learning center has been a great experience. The teachers are friendly and work very well with the kids. Two of my kids have been going here for a couple of years now. They get excited about going to class. The director Shalini is really on top of everything from the teachers to the students. She also works well with the parents to make sure they are satisfied with the development of their child.
Kamal K.
I want to thank so much for everything this place has provided to my son. My son started taking math and English lesson since he was 3 years old, and during about 2 years, my son has developed so well, we have been not only impressed by his academic achievements over the time, but also by the ways in which he has become a healthy little gentleman. He has grown so much in the time that he has been at Oxford Learning. Very recommended!
Carrie L.
My son has been going to Oxford Learning for the last 3 years. The team at Oxford Learning Windermere has been incredible! I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience. They took the time to learn and listen and make sure to give the best to support my son. Extremely well run and very positive environment. They go the extra mile in all the ways- schedule, days, times. Whoever I have referred to this learning centre has always been happy and thankful in all ways.
Swati S.
Highly recommended for ESL students. My girls had some problems with their second language but since we have joined here they are doing so much better. It is worth every penny.
Chloe C.
My daughter started at Oxford in Windermere once she had finished at kindergarten. She was falling behind the other kids in class and was looking at having to repeat kindy. In 5 months she has caught up to the rest of the class and is more confident than ever about being in school.
Tayhia Y
The teachers at Oxford Windermere are awesome. My son who is7 years old joined a year ago and I can see the progress he achieved in both English and Math. The teachers take the time to go step by step with him and every week we get their feedback . We also have regular meetings where they update us about where he is at and the goals they have for him. Now during summer they make sure they start with him the concepts for next school year so that he goes prepared. We are very satisfied with their efforts.
I would highly recommend oxford learning. Sometimes I would get overwhelmed with the homework my kids would get, between three kids it was hard to manage. But since I have registered them at oxford, it is a piece of cake. My kids love going to oxford, as Oxford's way of helping kids with homework is super motivating and they get awarded for every little victory. The staff is truly amazing, knowledgeable, and friendly. The best thing about oxford is, it doesn't only help with homework but also work on their own on the aspect that your child may need additional help with. My kids have done in-person and online classes and I can confidently say that they both are equally beneficial.
Ritu G
We have been using the services of Oxford for many years. We have always found the staff to be extremely caring and have helped in many different subjects. The quality of teachers has been something we are very impressed with. We would highly recommend Windermere Oxford if your children need any type of tutoring services - across all grades.
Doug F
My daughter has been with Oxford since 2017. Mrs. Shalini and the teachers are helping her with Math & English. I’m so grateful That my daughter is getting good grades in school. I’m also very happy that they truly care about each and everyone of their students. I would strongly recommend Oxford Learning to anyone interested in seeking help with their Grades.
Indu P
Our daughters have been attending the Oxford Learning Centre at the Windermere location for the past 2 years. They are always excited and eager to attend their weekly sessions. They talk about how they love their tutor and the staff at this site. They have had such a positive learning experience and I can see how this reflects on their school work and their confidence at school. My eldest daughter has told me numerous times that she feels like attending Oxford has helped her excel at school. We have been very pleased with our experience at Oxford Learning Centre
Anita B
We have been going to Oxford Windermere for over a year and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for more help or not challenged enough at school. The owners and teachers have been so wonderful and really take the time to know and understand what your child needs. My little one loves going there and I'm so glad I've found this place to add to her learning activities.
Vivian S
Making our daughter join Oxford in Windermere right when she turned 3 was one of the best decisions we took. She is 6 Years now and we cant believe how well they have transformed my shy and low on confidence girl into a confident young girl who got selected at one of the best schools in Edmonton for kindergarten on merit. The teachers are very good and friendly, they give personal attention to each and every kid. Highly recommend this team.
Sidharth B
My daughter did her pre schooling from 5 year back and now my son is also going there. We really like the environment, teachers and how they customize the learning growth after a proper assessment. They always accommodate make up classes, Shalini specifically is an amazing person, my kids love the teachers. Lastly, the money we pay them is all worth it
Manorma K
This is a FANTASTIC school! Our 4 yr old daughter absolutely loves her school & teachers and really enjoys learning there. The staff are very professional, caring and create an inviting environment. I have seen a huge improvement with my daughter. I highly recommend this school to everyone.
Blen G
Our children have been attending Oxford Learning for about one year. Obviously, 2020 has been very different but Shalini and her team have done a fantastic job of pivoting to an online environment. The teachers do a great job of moving through the material and keeping the kids focused. We can't recommend this location enough!
Joohee P
My son attends tutoring sessions at Oxford 3-4 times a week for both LA and math. Each experience is positive and he comes home feeling more confident in his schoolwork. We have seen an increase in grades and performance. The staff are professional, qualified, supportive and very accommodating.
Maria R
The staff here are amazing with the kids, always patient and eager to teach. The owner is also super flexible and accommodating! I highly recommend!
Megan L
Shalini runs really tight ship: both my kids (boy 12 and girl 8) go to Oxford once a week for 1.5 hours and have been doing it for years. Well... both are in the top 1% of their classes academically which is exactly what is required as an outcome. Highly recommended especially these days with all the online learning.
A.I. B
My children have learned so much in the time we've been with Oxford Windermere. It's the first time they look forward to a tutoring center. The staff have done a phenomenal job teaching my kids how to enjoy learning. I drop my kids off feeling comfortable knowing that they've implemented great new procedures on covid protocol. I've recommended this center to many of my friends and like myself, it's superseded their expectations.
Nidaa E
Oxford Learning in Windermere has taught my kids multi-faceted levels of both mathematics and writing. It is an integration of many learning outcomes and helps with skills not taught in schools. Shalini's instructors are very capable, and professional, and are paired with the kids according to their learning style. Ahad, is amazing with my son, and we appreciate all his efforts! Thank you!
Ruma D.
Our 3yo twins started preschool at Oxford in Sept.2019 and it was the best decision we ever made so far! My kids are learning so much everyday! They have been writing letters, making art, studying the planets, learning opposites and identicals, days of the week, making them interested in books, and the list goes on! We have been quite impressed of the progress they are making. Most importantly, our kids LOVE going to school everyday. They love the teachers and their classmates. The environment is so welcoming and really fosters learning. We are so grateful to the teachers at Oxford for being so knowledgeable and so kind to our kids. We cannot thank you enough. We HIGHLY recommend Oxford Learning Windermere to anyone who wants Excellence for their kids!
Camille N
The staff at Oxford Learning are very professional and accommodating to their students needs. My son has had a very positive experience in both academics and studying skills. I would recommend Oxford Learning to anyone looking for assistance in academics for their child.
Poonam K
Oxford offers amatutoring services. The tutors are knowledgeable, friendly and inspiring. My kids love to go to Oxford to learn and they trust their tutors to help them improve. My kids are in French Immersion and their academic has been improved. I like Oxford's spirit of the celebration of little success. The director Shalini, all the staffs and tutors are very supportive and willing to go extra miles to help the kids and parents. Thank you so much Oxford!
Stella L
Oxford Learning center in Windermere is excellent place that teaches your child the skills he /she needs to deal with today’s school struggles, with programs that develop thinking and learning skills need for success in every grade.It provides programs including math , French , science ,and English tutoring, as well as help with homework and any subjects that he/she has difficulty with it . The Staff are amazing , specially Ms. Shalini, she always answered my questions and listened to my concerns I kindly appreciate it , they work really hard to make learning fun and less stressful for the kids, and they push the students limit and help them to believe in them self, my kids been there for a few and already see a huge improvement. I recommended this place for every child . I would like to say thank you to all the wonderful, amazing staff for all you do !!
Pawan R
A fun and positive learning environment for children. Ms. Shalini and her staff are friendly, hardworking, flexible and professional. Definitely recommend.
Eva B
Our daughter has been attending Oxford Learning for almost 5 years now. She began with the Little Readers program and is now getting ready for Grade 5. Shalini and her staff are wonderful and pay attention to what your child needs. They base the learning module and teach your child in the way that is best suited for them. You know your child is enjoying their time when they don’t want to miss a single session and look forward to going to the center. I highly recommend Oxford Learning to other parents out there!
Nupur H
We have had a wonderful experience at Oxford Learning Windermere. It is a positive and welcoming environment. My children look forward to going every week. The teaching staff are supportive and encouraging. They support our children differently depending on their needs, strengths, and way of learning. I would highly recommend Oxford Learning!


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