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NOW OPEN! 1700 Hyde Park Rd. Unit 3
London, ON


Our Team Members

Shauna Jordan

Centre Manager

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Heather Pym

Education Coordinator

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Jennifer Vallincourt

Teacher- En Français / Math and Science

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Dave Monteith

Teacher - English

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Geoff Linsdell

Teacher - Math / Science

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Frederick Durand

Teacher - En Français

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We can't emphasize enough how important summer learning really is. We know that students can lose learning momentum in the summer, so it’s important to have a summer action plan early on to prevent the summer learning “brain drain.” Make sure to keep Oxford Learning in your plans for summer 2019!

Don't forget to check in with us for summer specials.  

The facts:

  • The brain doesn’t shut off because school is out—the brain MUST stay active or it loses its’ momentum.
  • Teachers typically spend 4-6 weeks re-teaching material students have forgotten over the summer at the start of the next school year
  • Even a couple of hours of learning each week can make a significant difference
  • Summer is a GREAT time to catch up and fill in gaps that were holding students back in the previous school year

Location Specific Programs

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How Can We Help You?

Tell us about your child and we'll tell you how we can help!

Math tutors in London Hyde Park

Oxford Learning®’s Math tutoring programs are proven to help your child learn math while having fun, improving grades, and boosting his or her confidence.

Science tutors in London Hyde Park

Science can be a tough and intensive subject for some students. Our customized approach helps students work through the most challenging concepts to improve grades and achieve success.

English tutors in London Hyde Park

Oxford Learning®’s English tutoring programs help students improve their verbal and written communication skills at all grade and skill levels.

French tutors in London Hyde Park

Our French tutoring programs are customized to help each student build the skills and confidence he or she needs when learning a second language.

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Make Homework Hassle-Free!

With better homework strategies and a solid homework routine, students can transform homework from stressful to stress-free!


Oxford Learning® London Hyde Park provides students with the learning tools and knowledge they need to achieve academic success, whether they're struggling with a particular subject, need support to tackle study habits, or are looking for an extra challenge.

With a customized approach, our tutors help your child study more effectively and develop stronger academic skills in challenging areas including Math, English, Science, and French—all while building confidence and having fun.

Serving London Hyde Park & Beyond

Oxford Learning® welcomes students from London Hyde Park and surrounding areas, including White Hills, Fox Hollow, Sunningdale, Northcrest, Medway Heights, and Masonville.

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