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Positive After School Hours

Child playing after school in a happy environment

What does your child like to do in her spare time? Does he like to paint? Or read? Maybe she likes to play video games or practice soccer techniques.

How your child fills his after-school hours can impact how he learns in school in both negative and positive ways.

Your child’s after school activities can also help you tap into what really motivates your child, and can give you insight in to how to encourage her in school when her drive to succeed is waning.

Help children discover their inner motivation based on their after-school activities. This is a perfect tool to use when you hear the, “Do I have to?” complaint.

If your child’s after-school activity is—

  • Reading—The more time spent reading, the easier it is to build vocabulary. Emphasize this by making connections to vocabulary tests in school.
  • Video games—practice makes perfect! Persistence helps students to learn from mistakes, make the necessary adjustments, and then get it right the next time.
  • Bike riding—physical fitness can elevate mood and concentration levels in the classroom.
  • Building with Legos or other toys—can help develop math skills such as depth, measurement, and perception.

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