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Quality Grade 2 Math Tutoring & Help

At Oxford Learning®, our 2nd grade math tutors help your child develop his or her math skills at a self-directed pace and build math confidence for this year and every year afterwards.

In Grade 2, children are continuing to get accustomed to learning new math concepts, and it can become overwhelming. If your child is struggling with Grade 2 math concepts, or could simply benefit from a positive learning environment, Oxford Learning®’s 2nd Grade math tutoring can help. Experience the Oxford Learning® difference as your child gains confidence, improves focus, and gains study and homework skills that will support his or her academic and personal success.

Grade 2 Math Tutoring Subjects

Number Sense/Numeration
  • Understand and use currencies (cents)
  • Count numbers by 5s, 10s, and 25s in preparation for multiplication
  • Add, subtract, multiply and divide two-digit numbers
  • Measure the perimeter, area, and mass of different objects
  • Understand and measure temperature
Geometry/Spatial Sense
  • Identify and classify different geometric 2D and 3D shapes based on the number of sides, vertices, and/or faces on a given shape
  • Locate symmetry on various objects and shapes
  • Identify more advanced continuing number patterns
Data Management/Probability
  • Comprehend and organize primary data into graphs (bar graphs and line plots)
  • Learn probability