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Quality Grade 4 English Tutoring & Help

With Oxford Learning®’s 4th Grade English tutoring, your child will be able to maintain focus while trying to read and write, allowing him or her to work more efficiently and independently.

By the time Grade 4 English rolls around, your child is halfway through elementary school, so it’s important that he or she is on track. For students struggling, a Grade 4 English tutor for reading, spelling, and writing can make all the difference! With Oxford Learning®, Grade 4 English tutoring can give your child the boost needed to increase English confidence and get better Grade 4 English grades.

Our customized programs move at your child’s pace, developing thinking and learning skills that your child can rely on this year, next year, and every year.

Grade 4 English Tutoring Subjects

Oral Communication
  • Answering questions in class
  • Understanding formal and informal ways of speaking
  • Practicing active and respectful listening
  • Proof-reading a story or text
  • Reading and understanding a wide variety of texts
  • Creating a rough draft
  • Peer-editing a piece of written work
  • Summarizing a text
Media Literacy
  • Creating a meaningful message using photos, symbols, etc.
  • Understanding the role of the audience
  • Forming own opinions about different media texts