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Successful Parent-Teacher Interviews – Step Two: The Interview

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Successful Parent-Teacher Interviews:

The Parent-Teacher Interview. Those four words can raise anxiety levels among both students and parents. However this interview can be highly beneficial to your child’s school year success. By following our key steps to success, parents can make the interview a more informative and rewarding experience.

Hopefully you’’ve read our previous post about preparing for the parent-teacher interview. Now’’s it time to get the most from the interview itself.

The Interview Itself

Take a note pad with your questions and take notes

Taking notes lets the teacher know you are interested and serious about your child’s education. You also have a better chance of remembering what you have discussed and agreed upon

Don’t be confrontational

Nothing positive is accomplished if you are hostile or confrontational. This is a time to exchange information about your child and agree on a plan of action.

If you do not agree with the teacher’s opinion, stay calm. Ask the teacher to elaborate on his/her view point and assure the teacher that you are not there to criticize but rather to work closely and foster a team approach to your child’s education.

Ask for suggestions

Encourage the teacher to provide you with suggestions on how you can improve your child’s skills. If you pose the question “Do you have concerns about my child’s reading skills level?” and the teacher responds with “He/she’s coming along, give him/her time.”, then counter with “What can I be doing at home to help him/her along? Can you recommend materials?”

Don’t waste time with broad questions

Due to the short amount of time you have with your child’s teacher, bring a list of prepared questions and avoid the broad “How’s my child doing?” question. You want to ensure you are maximizing this valuable time by seeking out as much information as possible that will help your child reach their full potential.

In our next post, we’’ll discuss the third step for a successful parent-teacher interview, making a follow-up action plan.

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