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3 Tech Stats to Consider

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It’s Cyber Monday AND the holidays are on the way, which means there’s probably more than one student with tech devices on his/her wishlist. While technology allows for some incredible learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, and helps us connect, create, and access information in ways that were seemingly impossible only a short time ago, it’s important for students and parents to be aware of how tech effects learning in other (less positive) ways as well.

3 Important Tech Stats for Students:




So what?

Students are online a large portion of the day… and studies suggest heavy Internet users actually have different brain structures in the “thinking” part of the brain. Read more.

Students are checking social media constantly while completing homework and studying… and studies show multitasking drastically (negatively) effects the brain’s ability to learn and store information. Read more.

Students are using tech before bed… and studies show such behaviour can disrupt sleep patterns, causing students to be overly sleepy during class and learning less effectively. Read more.

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