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Turn Procrastination into Productivity

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Want to learn how to be more productive on a daily basis? A video by asapSCIENCE suggests there are some easy ways to battle the brain’s bad habits, beat procrastination and GET THINGS DONE!

Some quick tips:

1. Get started!: Our brain simulates work by focusing on small mindless tasks instead of tackling the larger job at hand. Getting started will make it more likely that your brain will then remind you to finish what you have started.

2. Work more deliberately: Set a scheduled amount of time to work on a project, with breaks. Rather than trying to work away at something all day and getting distracted, schedule a set amount of time (eg. 90 mins) that you will dedicate to one specific task, with a break afterwards.

2. Split up your large tasks into smaller pieces: Split up larger tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces. This will help your brain see the whole task as less daunting, and will help you get started.

3. Give yourself a deadline: Writing down the deadline for your project, or even better, writing down self-imposed deadlines for each smaller part of your project, will make it more likely that you will hold yourself accountable and actually complete the task on time.

4. Create an accountability chart: Keeping track of what you have accomplished over a period of time will give you a clear look at how productive you are actually being.

5. Stop multitasking: Each night, make a list of what you want to accomplish the next day. Rather than trying to tackle pieces of everything on your life’s to-do list, choose one or two specific things to complete, from start to finish.

Check out the entire video from asapSCIENCE and learn how we can “use science to crack open the potential of our minds”.

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