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Our Team

Emily Emily Bogart is the Owner and Centre Director of Oxford Learning St. Catharines. She graduated from Brock University with an Honours Degree in Child and Youth Studies and a Bachelor of Education. She has worked at Oxford Learning since 2011.

Keri Keri Vilas is the Education Director of Oxford Learning St. Catharines. She graduated from Lakehead University with an Honours Degree in English and a Bachelor of Education. She has worked at Oxford Learning since 1996.

Lisa Lisa DeMeo is the Education Coordinator of Oxford Learning St. Catharines. She graduated from Niagara University with a Bachelor of Psychology and a Masters of Science in Education. She has worked at Oxford Learning since 2014.

From our Parents

Oxford Learning has helped my daughter to excel in her private school program. I can’t believe that after more than a year, she still loves coming to Oxford Learning. I think that it’s a fabulous program. I wish I had done this for my older children. Patti Hinan, Fonthill

Oxford Learning reinforced the importance of education in my children. My son now loves to read. He asks to go to the bookstore, and he gets excited about going to Oxford Learning. Reading is a life skill and now he has it. Sandra Murre, Jordan

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Little Readers

We originally had Chloe going to Oxford Learning two mornings a week but when we noticed how much she flourished and enjoyed it, we quickly signed her up for a third morning. Chloe’s eyes would light up as she told us about her mornings. She used to ask if she had school in the morning during our bedtime talks and she would shriek with excitement when we told her she would go to school the next day. We think Chloe wanted to go to Little Readers every day of the week. Our experience at Oxford Learning has been absolutely wonderful; you’ve given her a love of learning.

Michelle and Gus Vogiatis
St. Catharines

I am so amazed at the change in my daughter Maeve since she began Oxford Learning Little Readers Academy. She had some difficulty beforehand and now she constantly shows me letters in signs and newspapers and her self-esteem has grown in leaps and bounds. All of the changes have come with her attending only two days a week!

Melissa Nullmeyer
St. Catharines

The last two years have seen Julia learn and grow at an amazing rate. Julia thoroughly enjoyed her days at Little Readers and she always comes out with a big smile. Seeing her not only learn, but also to start the process of learning to learn is something we know will serve her well as she prepares for Grade 1.

Gord Berg and Julia Roth

Nicholas has grown tremendously; he has become more outgoing as his confidence grows. He actually now asks to do his homework and is exciting about completing it. Oxford Learning is a great program and teaches children the tools they need to learn going forward, to give them a strong start in life.

St. Catharines

My daughters struggled with speaking English so we took them to Oxford Learning. After three months we saw the improvement and decided to skip Junior Kindergarten and keep them at Oxford Learning. Now they love to do math, write and read. As they are now ready for Grade 1, they love to learn. They both read us a story before going to bed.

Ifikhar and Sabeen Ahmed
Niagara Falls

When I asked Isabella about Oxford Learning said simply “I just love all my new friends, Miss Lisa and I can read books now. I am so happy that I get to read to my family at bed time instead of them reading to me.” Everyone at Oxford Learning has done an exceptional job. She absolutely adores her peers and teacher. Thank you for making her learning experiences fun and enjoyable.

Anna and Felice Valvano
St. Catharines

Maya absolutely loves going to Little Readers Academy. Miss Lisa is a fantastic teacher and makes each child feel special. We are proud of Maya and are amazed at how much she has learned in such a short time. We tell everyone about the program; we highly recommend it to every family.

Lori Torigian
St. Catharines

Enrolling my son in Oxford Learning is one of the best things I’ve done for him. He has learned so much in such a short time. I feel much more comfortable and relaxed I knowing that he will be prepared to enter school in September. I feel confident that his continuing education in Oxford Learning will provide him with better opportunities in the future.

Marisa Vanderaart
St. Catharines

I am thankful for all the wonderful learning experiences and skills Oxford Learning has given my daughter Angie. She has been taught many valuable skills. Seeing her yell out her numbers, letterer and words are a perfect example of what she has been taught.

Marie and Angelo Marano
St. Catharines

Beyond Tutoring & Advantage High School

Oxford Learning has helped our son become a confident student who now absolutely loves to read. His grades have increased a lot and that to us is only secondary to his increased confidence. Thank you, thank you for what you’ve done to help him prepare for the future.

Rhonda Chopin
St. Catharines

Over the past five years we had had our three children attend. The children were allowed to work at their own pace until they fully understood, and later it was enrichment that all children should get. The confidence and skills that our children gained from Oxford Learning will stay with them for their entire lives. What a profound way to teach the love of learning.

Paula Miller
St. Catharines

Our daughter Emma has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Oxford Learning. The pleasant environment and teachers make her look forward to every time. Over the last several months we have seen dramatic improvement in her confidence and organizational skills.

Paula and Dave Wilson

He loves going. “It’s fun. They give me challenges and I love getting them. Oxford Learning made me write in a neat way, unlike the earlier messy writing I did before I came.”

Mindie Ferkul and son Liam
St. Catharines

Tasks in school are becoming easier. Confidence in his ability enables Adam to meet a challenge and overcome it. Oxford Learning has helped to open up his skills that were previously hidden. You’ve shown him the proper way to use them. Many challenges and obstacles await any student in life.

Maria and Edward Sobolak
St. Catharines

My husband and I were feeling very frustrated that our daughter was not learning much so we enrolled her at Oxford Learning. She has displayed an awesome level of progress in such a short time. She is also much more confident, happy and eager to learn. The staff at Oxford Learning is so very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable; all of that shows in their commitment and dedication towards our daughter. They look out for her best interest, just as much as we do. We highly recommend everyone to Oxford Learning.

Barb and Danny Shorrock
St. Catharines

Oxford Learning has helped my daughter to develop her thinking skills that should have been acquired at a much earlier age. Oxford teaches her how to break things down and analyze them more effectively. The teachers at Oxford Learning definitely have given her the confidence she needed.

Joan Cornelius

My daughter is much happier and a lot more confident in her math now. Last year she was frustrated and now she doesn’t give up before even giving herself a chance. She absolutely loves her Oxford Learning teacher.

JoAnne Caldwell St. Catharines

Oxford Learning has changed my son’s life immensely. It has given him the confidence he needs and he doesn’t have anxiety anymore. He always comes out of Oxford Learning with a smile on his face. Oxford Leaning has helped him more in one year than all the help he has ever received at school.

Coleen Wilson
St. Catharines

When I first came to Oxford Learning my math marks were very low. Now that my marks are high I am applying to U.S. colleges for a rowing scholarship in the Ivy League. The SAT support your staff gave me also helped me achieve very high scores so I can get into some of the best schools. Thank you for what you’ve done for my future.

Cameron Boyd
Niagara Falls

A heart-felt thanks to all the staff at Oxford Learning. Sam’s work ethic has changed for the better in so many ways. You provided us as a family and with Sam in particular, the tools needed to make learning enjoyable and beneficial. Not only does he apply himself to his work, but he now will calmly rise to the challenge of difficult tasks.

Lisa LaFleur and family
St. Catharines

I feel Oxford Learning has helped to focus my son. He is approaching his learning with such confidence now. You have empowered him. Everyone has a different style of learning and Oxford is great at identifying that and working with it. If I had known about Oxford Learning earlier, I would have bypassed Montessori and come to Little Readers Academy instead. My son’s time here is very well spent. In your program he accomplishes more in one hour than in a half day at school. Whenever my patients ask for resources, I recommend Oxford. Invest in the assessment and in your child’s education! It will be worth it!

Dr. Christina Plaskos
St. Catharines

Paul is more confident in his writing and he is more independent now. He doesn’t say, “I need dad to help,” Oxford Learning is not another tutoring centre. You actually teach the students and don’t use the smoke and mirrors to keep everyone confused. You do not guess at what to do with a student. If any parent asks about the difference between Oxford Learning and Sylvan or other places, they can call me and I will tell them. We wasted seven months of time at a place that was not Oxford Learning. We could have been at Oxford Learning for that time and made so much more progress. The money we can recover, but the time we cannot.

Maria and Tony Ferrara
St. Catharines

Oxford Learning has helped my daughter to excel in her private school program. I can’t believe that after more than a year, she still loves coming to Oxford Learning. I think that it’s a fabulous program. I wish I had done this for my older children.

Patti Hinan

Brandon enjoys Oxford Learning. He has made new friends and really likes his teachers. Over the past few months we’ve seen a difference in Brandon’s self-esteem and confidence to do work on his own. He tries to do his homework on his own before asking for help. Having Brandon in your summer program also has helped his mind stay focused on his studies. I feel it has given him a jump-start on the new year. Brandon has a way to go. He will always be learning. With his positive attitude and enthusiasm to learn, he will be just fine. The monthly meetings with Brandon’s teachers have helped me understand where he is in his progress. We feel Oxford Learning is very professional, yet it still gives us that feel of personal attention.

Cheryl Gula
St. Catharines

Oxford Learning has helped my son in so many ways, of course academically, but also socially, mentally and emotionally. I consider Oxford Learning our safety net. When everything else failed my son, Oxford Learning was there. There are no surprises or guessing whether or not my son can read now. I don’t have to keep checking up because I know that at Oxford Learning there are no holes. I just let Oxford Learning do it. I will be here as long as it takes. Oxford Learning works! I brag about it all the time.

Cathy Olsthoorn
St. Catharines

I cannot say enough about what Oxford Learning has done for our daughter. At school now he only receives excellent reports because she was in your Little Readers Preschool Academy. When she on the Little Miss Italia title, we knew that a lot of her poise and confidence came from her experience in Little Readers. Oxford Learning is definitely worth the investment. We cannot wait until our youngest starts Little Readers.

Maria Marano
St. Catharines


Past Events

Fall Open House

Saturday October 3, 2015 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Come join the Oxford Learning Team in an afternoon of fun games, delicious food and awesome prizes! Special Appearances from Spiderman and Princess Kate!

Bring a friend and receive a ballot for a chance to win one month of free tuition!

The more friends you bring, the more chances to win!

Our Programs

R.E.A.D. Elite Ages 3-6

Children enjoy a balance of play, exploration, and discovery in a structured environment. Our individualized programs are a fun way to enhance cognitive skill development, in a caring environment and small classroom setting. The early learning years are irreplaceable, and it is never too early for children to get ahead!

Beyond Tutoring Grades 1-8

Students will follow individualized programs based on the results of their assessments. Our individualized programs have helped thousands of students improve their grades and build confidence and self-esteem. Let us help your child learn to think, focus, and get motivated—skills for a lifetime of success.

Advantage High School Success Grades 9-12

Take advantage of our program to help students tackle problem areas this school year and prepare for next year and beyond. High school means crunch time and we work to bridge any existing academic gaps while teaching effective organization and study strategies. Because the development of good high school study skills is not something that students are formally taught at school, we include it as an important element of our curriculum. These in-class strategies reduce stress and help students focus on success in high school and post-secondary school!

En Français Programs All Ages

We teach French to students of all ages and abilities. Whether French First Language, Immersion, or taking introductory classes, we can help! Learn French skills as well as other learning skills that will not only help with French, but all subjects!


Our college and university readiness programs don’t just help students cram for entrance exams; they help students prepare for ongoing post-secondary success!


Part-time Secondary School Teacher for Math Tutoring

Oxford Learning Centre, St. Catharines is looking for skilled Secondary School Teachers for teaching Academic Math and Science.

  • Experience in the field of education
  • Experience working with students from Grade 7 to Grade 12.
  • Must be familiar with high school academic math courses such as Grade 11 Mixed and University Math, Grade 12 Advanced Functions, Data Management, Calculus & Vectors
  • Must have strong English reading and writing skills
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Problem Solving, Working with others, Flexibility
  • Experience teaching chemistry, biology or physics an asset
  • Knowledge and experience working with students with Special Needs
  • Teaching certificate not required, OCT not required
  • Completion of university, or some university an asset.

A commitment to the end of the school year (June 2016) is required to provide consistency for our students.

Must be available Monday and Wednesday evenings from 4 to 7:30 or Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4 to 7:30.

Part-time position, 12 hours a week maximum.
Staring as soon as possible.
Hourly wage starting $14 per hour.
Training is provided.

If you are interested in joining our team and playing an integral role in the development of young minds, please email resumes and cover letters to: st.catharines@oxfordlearning.com

St. Catharines Oxford Learning

Attn: Emily Bogart
100 Fourth Avenue, Unit 24
St. Catharines, ON
L2S 3P1
Tel: 905-685-8141 Fax: 905-685-9322
Posted: September 22, 2015

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