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Summer break is fun, but losing learning skills is not. Summer learning programs at Oxford Learning stop learning loss in its tracks and help students:

  • catch up on key subjects
  • build stronger learning skills
  • start their next grade ahead of the curve

Here’s how summer programs stop learning loss and help students get ahead for next year.


We have had a wonderful experience at Oxford Learning Boxgrove . Nadia and Liz have been very helpful from the beginning. Our daughter started in the summer program reinforcing what she learned over the school year. Our concern was that she didn't have a good foundation in French because she attends a French Immersion school. Once school started back up she had more confidence while learning and taking tests we decided to add Math as well. Oxford Learning Boxgrove keeps us up to date on her progress and we believe it has been a huge help in her learning. We highly recommend Oxford Learning Boxgrove if you are looking for tutoring classes. Regards, Jennifer
My daughter has been going to the Oxford Learning Boxgrove location for the past four years. We have had a great experience. When you find a place that your teen actually wants to go and even questions why she is not going for one week - you pay attention to what good is happening. My daughter loves to go and always comes out smiling and feeling positive. Most recently, my daughter went as usual with an assignment to work on. Her 1-hour session turned into several hours. When I picked her up, the two teachers expressed that it is important that the student feels confident with what they are working on. My daughter went home confident and able to complete the project and was very happy and felt a great accomplishment when she presented it at school. The teachers put the students first, and these two have gone above and beyond any expectations we had. Ultimately it was not about the assignment that made me so impressed. It was that they used the assignment to see where the student needed to grow. Using the assignment as a tool to give her the skills she needs to be a better student and a better individual. That is what makes Oxford Learning stand out as exceptional to me. The staff have also expressed that they hope to continue building this skill (and others) through her high school years. Knowing your teen has the tools and confidence to enter high school in the fall with experts behind her to guide her along the way is so refreshing and makes this next milestone so exciting. Thank you!
Oxford Boxgrove has been so helpful for my son. Brandon has been a terrific grade 12 chemistry tutor. My son always has his questions answered. The staff are friendly and very flexible. I highly recommend Oxford Boxgrove for tutoring.
Brenda Taylor


High School Math & Science Teacher/Tutor

Markham, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-20

French Teacher/Tutor

Markham, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-20

Part-Time Elementary Teacher/Tutor

Markham, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-20

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Oxford Learning® in Markham Box Grove provides engaging and effective tutoring programs to the students in the community and surrounding areas. Whether your child need help managing school work or preparing for a big test, our tutors will help your child reach his or her academic goals.

Our customized tutoring plans allow our Markham Box Grove tutors to successfully teach students of all learning styles tso they can reach their full potential. Our tutoring centre will help your child improve in areas including Math, Science, English, French, study skills, and more!

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The tutors at Oxford Learning® welcome students from Markham Box Grove and surrounding areas, including Belford, Brookside, Armadale.

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Oxford Learning®’s Math tutoring programs are customized to help students of all skill levels. Our tutors work with your child to improve his or her grades across all areas of Math.

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Science is a never ending adventure. Our Science tutors cater to all grade levels with Science tutoring programs that promotes fun as well as comprehension.

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Oxford Learning®’s English tutors help students improve their writing and reading skills with engaging English tutoring programs.

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Our French tutors use customized French tutoring programs to help students improve in areas including speaking, comprehension, and more.

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