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What Are Your Kids Doing This Summer?

Our engaging & fun summer programs keep students.

  • On track academically
  • Occupied during the long summer days
  • Motivated to start school in the fall

Summer Learning Programs at Oxford Learning Etobicoke Humbertown! 

Research proves that children who don’t exercise their minds over the summer holidays can take up to five weeks to get back into the swing of learning when school starts again. With a summer program at Oxford Learning, you can ensure that your elementary or secondary school student goes back motivated and confident with enhanced skills, ready to learn from day one.

Catch Up: summer programs increase your child’s learning potential, whether the problem is a specific subject, a concept or a learning skill.

Get Ahead: summer programs can provide the competitive advantage your child needs to learn and
achieve at the peak of his or her capabilities. 

Prepare: summer programs can help your child develop the skills to face next year’s challenges with confidence and ease! 

Oxford Learning Humbertown offers two great camp programs this summer! 

Little Readers Summer Reading Camp | Ages 3-6

The Summer Reading Camp at Oxford Learning encourages creativity and academic excellence in young students! In small groups with enriched, individualized programs, children learn, grow, and explore language.  

In this fun summer camp, Little Readers build reading skills through:

  • Rhymes
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Songs
  • Games

Give your three- to six-year-old a solid foundation in reading skills this summer, and a head start to school success next year! 

Please see more information in the linked brochure. Download the brochure, complete the registration information portion, then scan and email it back. 


Elemtary & High School Summer Learning Camps | Grades 1-12

Whether in elementary or high school, Oxford Learning Camps are engaging and fun! Summer Learning programs prepare your child for September feeling better about learning⸺and better about themselves.

Summer Learning offers a professional, individualized program delivered by caring, qualified teachers for elementary or high school students.

Individualized Summer Learning Programs at Oxford Learning:

  • Offer effective support to any student
  • Remedy learning losses resulting from the pandemic. 
  • Help students build new skills and self-confidence!

Please see more information in the linked brochure. Download the brochure, complete the registration information portion, then scan and email it back. 


Our son is really enjoying his classes. He looks forward to attending each and every one with great enthusiasm. We have noticed an improvement in his confidence and he has effortlessly gravitated to his wonderful teacher Ms. S without a hitch. We are very happy with Ms. S. She is a lovely and talented teacher - we feel truly happy and lucky to have her teaching our child.
We have been thrilled with the care and attention Thomas has received from your Little Readers staff. He has grown into a very confident 5-year-old who is interested in learning! We are thrilled that he has this head start and we THANK YOU!
We found Oxford Learning through the volunteer work our eldest daughter was doing in the classroom. Our daughter was struggling with reading and writing. Our eldest asked the child who appeared to be the most proficient “how she learned to read so well?” The child responded “Little Readers!” We immediately googled ‘Little Readers’ and it led us here to Oxford Learning. The staff have worked hard to help us identify her gaps and have helped her work on a program that has reinforced the fundamentals that she did not get in a large classroom setting. She is excited to go to her lessons and her confidence builds every week. She works hard at her own pace with her tutors and is getting a strong building block in reading and writing. Thank you for helping us put a plan together to address our daughter’s individual needs.

Etobicoke Humbertown Family

Stephen Gard


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