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My son is in Grade 11 now and I am very thankful to sign him for Oxford Learning because he has improved tremendously. He is getting 95% -100% in math. Thank you for everything. Every penny worth it! Great people and they are very accommodating throughout these COVID times.
The team at the Oxford Learning bluffs location has been devoted, caring and hardworking since the first assessment meetings. My daughter has some behavioural issues that prevent here from keeping up with the pace of her school classroom. The Oxford Learning team were able to use their tools and enthusiasm to help my daughter focus and and build a learning plan to help her build on the skills she was missing. Overall my daughter, who complains about having to go to school, doesn't complain about her time at Oxford Learning and is excited to show us her progress! I can't thank the team enough for their leadership!
Jeremy G.
I cannot say enough positive things about Oxford Learning and the huge impact the tutoring has had on my daughter over the past four years. My daughter began receiving her weekly tutoring sessions at Oxford Learning when she entered high school and struggled to keep up in mathematics. She began receiving tutoring from a young man at Oxford Learning, who was able to reach her and help her, like no one else could. He patiently worked through and re-taught the lessons my daughter had in her mathematics class each week. He allowed her to determine what they would work on together each session. By the end of her grade twelve year, my daughter was able to achieve grade level results through her hard work and determination and the strong tutoring and help she received at Oxford Learning from her tutor. Words alone cannot express the gratitude I feel towards the od Oxford Learning Centre and the excellent tutoring my daughter received during her time there.
Lindsey R
It was upon the recommendation from my 6 year old son's grade 1 teacher that I initially signed him up for tutoring at Oxford Learning. He had not yet caught the reading or writing bug and was more or less indifferent to trying to learn his letters and words. I found that after only a few sessions at Oxford Learning that he became more engaged in his attempts to connect words to pictures and make the right sounds with the vowels when reading out loud. He always enjoyed attending the classes and happily performed the work provided to do at home without complaint. I am very pleased with the progress I've seen with his abilities over the past year and I owe a great deal of this progress to the wonderful staff and tutors at Oxford Learning in Guildwood Plaza.
Sheila M.
I have a happy little girl who enjoyed her assessment. She chattered all the way home. She looked younger coming home having had a weight lifted off her shoulders. Thank you!
Mary E.
Dear Oxford Learning team at Scarborough Bluffs, I would like to thank you for the great efforts and support you provided to my son and daughter as we saw lots of improvements in their behaviour and their academic skills. I wish you all the best and always I am expecting lots of improvements. Thanks again!
Fuad Z.
I cannot say enough great things about Oxford Learning Guildwood. They have been super accommodating. Wonderful teachers. They have made such a difference; my son's confidence has skyrocketed!
Paula M.
Brought my son to this tutoring centre because of the difficulties learning at his school. After a few months, he has improved significantly which has been reflected in his assignments. He is always talking about how great the teachers are and the lessons that he is learning. I strongly recommend this place for any kid that wants to learn.
Pirath Y
I love how much progress my sister has made since she started here and appreciate how caring and attentive the staff/teachers at this centre are! Thanks to all the teachers for always being understanding and caring about every child’s education :)
Sajitra A
This location is definitely the best out of the few in the area. They really care about the kids and strive to meet every parents/guardians expectation! I’ve done my research on a couple of Oxford Learning locations, but this was the best. The education coordinator made me feel comfortable and advised me various paths that can be taken for my son to succeed. My son is doing much better in his subjects after sending him here. The tutors are truly experienced and know how to handle the students. This Oxford Learning centre's primary focus is for kids to succeed, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning on sending their kids here.
Sophie V
This is such a good learning environment to teach your kids good learning strategies. Also, the staff at this learning centre are very polite and kind. I highly recommend this.
Abinan M.
Outstanding is the least I can say about the Oxford Learning team in the Guild. They have taken a very intelligent teen and completely rehabilitated his academic ability, grade level and most importantly, his confidence. People do not pursue areas where they are confused or feel overwhelmed. Kids can't be expected to know what they haven't studied or, more often, what they haven't actually understood. We do not learn by osmosis. We learn by clearing up the meanings of words and getting a good conceptual understanding of the material. This leads to real academic production and MORALS. This is the foundation of our future and success in any area. Oxford Learning Scarborough has done this every step of the way and in very little time! Their care and competence as educators is an example of near-perfect education. They have been able to work with my teen where I could not. I'm his mom. Oxford Learning let me have that role and they took over doing the educating. My son now has dignity and respect for himself, where that was failing. If you want to see how bright your kids actually are, I highly recommend you visit Oxford Learning in the Guild. They actually care. They actually can educate young people. They do it every day!
Around the end of April of this year, I received my 14-year-old son’s progress report card, and it didn’t look good at all. He was doing poorly in math and science. I was shocked! As I wasn’t worried if he was doing that bad because every time I offered to help him with math assignments, he always declined my help and he seemed to get the concept, but that was not the case. I called Oxford Learning and set up an appointment to get tutoring services to help my son prepare for the final exams. The staff was super friendly and helpful! In a very short period of time they were able to help my son to catch up on some of the concepts that he missed. They couldn’t promise me a miracle which I completely understood, but they were able to work collaboratively with my son and helped him pass his exams successfully. I will definitely recommend Oxford Learning to any parents who find themselves in my situation where their kids are probably struggling with these subjects in school. Don’t be reluctant asking for help when it’s needed! I was very satisfied with the service that my family received from this location. They know what they are doing, they are very professional and compassionate. If you can afford it, go for it!
Andrise Dorval
Good evening, I would like to thank the tutors at Oxford Learning for contributing to the success of my daughter on achieving honour awards for this schooll year 2015/2016 from Laurier C.I. I recognize that this has been a combined effort in assisting her with achieving these incredible results. Thank you,
Linda S.
Hello Benaifer! Thank you for following up with us regarding tutoring for D. She received her Chemistry test back this week and is very happy with the result. Thank you again for all your assistance,
My daughter was in to your location last Thursday and had very positive things to say. She felt she understood the material much better after just one session with the tutor. She was very pleased and so was I!
The team at Oxford Learning Guildwood help in every way by contacting me with the status of my kids' work, showing where to help them, and providing guidance and reminders of sessions. I saw an improvement in my kids' grades in school. Thanks to all team members for the great work and effort!

Scarborough Bluffs Family

Benaifer Kakalia

Benaifer Kakalia

Centre Director

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Jalini Jeyaraman

Jalini Jeyaraman

Education Coordinator

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Azeem Shaikh

Azeem Shaikh


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The topic of summer learning loss is far from new. As early as the 1960s, education experts have been studying the learning losses that occur over the summer break. Their findings were maybe not that surprising: the extended break from school and learning leads to a dramatic decrease in learning motivation and in subject comprehension. Math skills take the hardest hit, with many students returning to school in the fall significantly behind where they were in spring.

But it’s not all bad news. The research also shows that preventing summer learning losses is as simple as maintaining academic learning during the summer. In fact, the data shows that students who kept learning in the summer didn’t just maintain their academic standing, they were also able to make impressive academic gains.

There’s even more good news: summer learning does not have to be a formal to be effective.

Free from the time commitments of the regular school year, summer is an opportunity for students to make big strides in their learning—to catch up in difficult subjects, or to get ahead in subjects they are passionate about.

Whether in camps or in classes, there are many reasons that summer learning can lead to a better learning experience for your child:

  1. Summer learning is often more engaging for students.
  2. Students can feel relaxed knowing that they have time to focus on one subject without distraction
  3. A new environment, a different teacher, a fresh instructional approach—a new perspective can make a challenging subject “click”
  4. Summer semester is shorter, so students can see more progress and gains in a shorter timeframe, which boosts motivation

If you have been searching for a solution that will help make learning "click" for your child, consider summer learning. 

Our flexible scheduling balances out summer family fun with academic support that can help make next year the best school year yet.

Your child’s better summer begins right here.

Talk to us today to get started.


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