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New Year, New School Goals!

Setting goals for the year ahead helps students start the New Year on the right foot.

Make setting school goals in 2023 simple with the CAM system:

  • State Goals Clearly. Be as specific as possible.
  • Make Goals Achievable and realistic.
  • Make Goals Measurable to track progress.
Ask Us About How To Set Goals That Stick!

Whitby Family

Lindsey F.

Centre Director

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Christine S.

Education Coordinator

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Jasmine K.

Beyond Tutoring and Advantage Teacher

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Jessica P.

Beyond Tutoring Teacher

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Danielle K.

French Teacher

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Anna T.

Beyond Tutoring Teacher

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Beata K.

Little Readers Teacher

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Oxford Whitby is partnering with The March of Dimes to collect aluminum tabs. These tabs are recyclable. The money from the tabs goes to The March of Dimes to purchase wheelchairs and other assistive devices for people living with challenges. 

Approximately 5,000,000 pop tabs are needed to generate enough money to buy a $5000 wheelchair. That's a lot of tabs!!!


My daughter is getting a lot from the experience and finds that it is helping her with reviewing concepts and practice with word problems. Her average is up to 86% and we have acceptances from St. FX and Queens to date! Thanks for your help!
We are very pleased with how much our son has improved in his reading since starting at Oxford Learning Whitby. He was struggling and a few grades behind in September when he came to you as a Grade 1 reader, by the end of June he was leaving as a Grade 3 reader. Not only did Oxford Learning Whitby help with his French reading but the confidence he gained has helped with his English reading as well. Thanks to Oxford Learning Whitby he has found his love of reading!
Heather (for Carter)


High School Math & Science Teacher/Tutor

Whitby, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-25

Part-Time French & English Teacher/Tutor

Whitby, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-25

Part-Time Elementary Teacher/Tutor

Whitby, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-25

Brag Board

When our students bring work/tests/report cards from school that they are proud of, we CELEBRATE!! Oxford Whitby encourages our students to use the strategies we teach them at school. Our brag board is one way we celebrate the success of our students! 

Top Quality Tutoring in Whitby

Oxford Learning® in Whitby provides engaging and effective tutoring programs to the students in the community and surrounding areas. Whether your child need help managing school work or preparing for a big test, our tutors will help your child reach his or her academic goals.

Our customized tutoring plans allow our Whitby tutors to successfully teach students of all learning styles tso they can reach their full potential. Our tutoring centre will help your child improve in areas including Math, Science, English, French, study skills, and more!

Online Tutoring • Serving Whitby & Beyond

The tutors at Oxford Learning® welcome students from Whitby and surrounding areas, including Oshawa, West Lynde, Williamsburg, Mclaughlin.

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Math tutors in Whitby

Oxford Learning®’s Math tutoring programs are customized to help students of all skill levels. Our tutors work with your child to improve his or her grades across all areas of Math.

Science tutors in Whitby

Science is a never ending adventure. Our Science tutors cater to all grade levels with Science tutoring programs that promotes fun as well as comprehension.

English tutors in Whitby

Oxford Learning®’s English tutors help students improve their writing and reading skills with engaging English tutoring programs.

French tutors in Whitby

Our French tutors use customized French tutoring programs to help students improve in areas including speaking, comprehension, and more.

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Make Math Add Up This School Year!

Help your child build solid math skills and boost their confidence for better math grades.