Tackle Problem Areas This Summer

Summer break is the perfect time to build confidence in subjects that cause stress! Enrol In Summer Programs Today!

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Tackle Problem Areas This Summer

Now Offering Virtual Tutoring!

Oxford Learning® is pleased to offer online tutoring options to all students. Contact a location near you to get started!

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Now Offering Virtual Tutoring!

Trust Your Child's Grades to the Experts

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Trust Your Child's Grades to the Experts

Oxford Learning® is the Answer

Whether it’s early reading or advanced calculus (and everything in between), Oxford Learning® Centre's unique approach to after-school tutoring can help your child succeed.

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Oxford Learning<sup>®</sup> is the Answer

SSAT Tutoring For Success!

A successful SSAT score starts with the right preparation. At Oxford Learning, we help your child develop the study skills and test-taking strategies he or she needs to tackle the SSAT with confidence.

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SSAT Tutoring For Success!

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No Matter What Your School Questions Might Be, Oxford Learning Has Your Tutoring Solutions

With customized tutoring programs designed to move at your child’s pace—never too fast or too slow—your child will learn to think actively and critically about the process of learning.

Learning skills are skills that students use in every subject in school. By developing better thinking and learning skills your child will get a transferable set of skills that can be used in every subject, in every grade.

Once your child’s learning skills improve, so does their school confidence. Better school confidence leads to better grades—in every subject, for every grade.

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Build Better Reading Skills with Vocabulary

Start building stronger reading skills with Oxford Learning. Our reading programs help students improve their learning in all school subjects. Better reading skills equal better grades this year, and every year.

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Beyond the progress made academically, we have seen unbelievable improvements in Bria’s self-confidence and self-esteem. I think that the biggest gain that Bria has made this year is how she handles the unexpected. Oxford Learning has provided a safe environment for Bria to further develop her coping skills for when things don’t go according to plan. Thank you so much for being such a positive influence on my daughter!

L. Shannon

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