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15 Podcasts for Kids and Teens—Elementary, Middle, and High School

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In a world buzzing with gadgets and screens, educational podcasts for kids can transform mundane learning into an engaging and captivating audio lesson. 

Podcasts for kids aren’t just educational learning or storytelling; They’re about igniting a spark of curiosity and turning mundane subjects into thrilling adventures. 

Podcasts can be transformative: creating a world where history isn’t just dates but epic tales of triumphs and struggles, where science isn’t just formulas but mind-boggling discoveries and wonders of the natural world.

If you are seeking a more engaging way to enhance learning, educational podcasts can deliver an amazing journey, sparking inquisition and inspiration. Hit play on an adventure in learning!

Elementary School Podcasts for Kids

Elementary school students should listen to podcasts because they offer a captivating avenue for learning that’s engaging, fun, and educational all at once. 

These podcasts for kids allow for adventures to sneak knowledge into storytelling, boosting curiosity, enhancing listening skills, expanding vocabulary, and encouraging critical thinking while providing a screen-free alternative to traditional learning. Plus, they introduce young learners to a world of fascinating topics, fostering independence and family bonding and sparking creativity along the way.

Here are five recommended Podcasts for kids. 

1. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

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But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids is hosted by Jane Lindholm. It is an educational and interactive podcast that is designed for children ages 4-10 years old. This podcast answers intriguing questions about the world in an engaging and informative way. But Why encourages curiosity by covering many topics and is family-friendly, making it a great resource for young learners.

2. KidNuz

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KidNuz offers a kid-friendly and digestible approach to current events and news stories worldwide. The podcast provides children with a brief and understandable overview of the day’s top news stories, helping them stay informed and engaged with the world in a suitable way for their age group. It’s a valuable resource for parents looking to introduce kids to current events and foster an early interest in news and journalism.

3. Short and Curly

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Short and Curly is a popular podcast for kids and families. It explores moral and ethical questions through entertaining and thought-provoking discussions, debates, and scenarios. Hosted by Carl Smith and Molly Daniels, the podcast encourages critical thinking and ethical reflection in a fun and engaging way, making it an excellent resource for parents interested in having ethical discussions with children.

4. Tumble

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Tumble is a science podcast for kids that takes young listeners on exciting journeys into the world of science and discovery. The podcast, hosted by Lindsay Patterson and Marshall Escamilla, explores various scientific topics, from space exploration to biology and everything in between.

This podcast engages young minds through storytelling, interviews with scientists, and hands-on experiments. Making complex scientific concepts accessible and fun for children. It’s an educational and entertaining resource for families looking to inspire a love for science in kids.

5. Storynory

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Storynory is a podcast that’s popular for kids. Host Natasha Gostwick shares all kinds of stories—old classics, brand-new tales, myths, fables, and lots more.

These stories aren’t just for fun, though. They’re a mix of entertainment and learning, meant to really fire up kids’ imaginations. So, if you’re a parent hoping to get your children into audio stories and help them fall in love with books and tales, this podcast is totally the way to go.

Middle School Podcasts for Kids

Middle school students can also embrace podcasts, taking their personal interests both deeper and wider. Podcasts are a valuable learning tool because they provide an engaging and accessible way to explore a wide range of subjects beyond the classroom

Podcasts transform dry topics into captivating stories, helping to nurture curiosity, improve listening skills, and expand vocabulary. They also encourage critical thinking. Podcasts present diverse viewpoints while offering a welcome respite from screen-centric education. 

Podcasts for kids empower middle schoolers to delve into their interests independently. This can serve as a catalyst for family discussions and creative inspiration, making learning an exciting adventure.

Here are five recommended Podcasts for middle schoolers.

1. StarTalk Radio

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StarTalk Radio is a podcast hosted by renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. The podcast blends science, pop culture, and comedy to explore a wide range of topics related to space, astronomy, physics, and the universe at large. 

The podcast often features celebrity guests from various fields, making complex scientific concepts accessible and entertaining to a broad audience. StarTalk Radio serves as an engaging and informative resource for anyone interested in space and science, from enthusiasts to curious minds.

2. The Allusionist

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The Allusionist podcast, hosted by Helen Zaltzman, is all about the fascinating universe of language. This show dives deep into where words and phrases come from and the weird and wonderful ways they change over time, and it’s both entertaining and informative. The show features experts who chat about all kinds of fascinating aspects of language.

If your home has a budding logophile or lexiphile at home, this podcast offers a fun and eye-opening journey into the world of language.

3. Stuff You Missed in History Class

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Stuff You Missed in History Class is a popular podcast hosted by Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey. This podcast delves into fascinating and lesser-known historical events, figures, and stories that often don’t receive as much attention in traditional history lessons.

Each episode covers a specific topic or historical figure, providing in-depth research, context, and insights to make history come alive. Whether it’s exploring hidden stories from the past, unsung heroes, or unusual events, this podcast offers an engaging and educational journey through history for curious listeners of all ages.

4. ​​The Past & the Curious

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The Past & the Curious is a lively and educational podcast for kids. Host Mick Sullivan is a blast! This show isn’t your typical history lesson—it brings history to life with exciting stories. It’s like learning about the past, but in the most fun way possible, especially for kids.

The host and guests dive into different kinds of historical facts in a way that’s perfect for family listening. Encourage your young history aficionados with the Past & The Curious.

5. Tai Asks Why

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Tai is the host of Tai Asks Why, a podcast that turns everyday questions into extraordinary journeys of discovery. With a childlike wonder and a knack for getting to the heart of the matter, Tai dives headfirst into the world’s most familiar mysteries. 

From the science behind everyday phenomena to the deep philosophical questions that tickle our imagination, each episode is a delightful exploration that leaves listeners pondering and smiling. 

Highschool Podcasts for Teens

High school students stand to benefit from incorporating podcasts into their learning journey. They offer a dynamic and accessible avenue for exploring complex subjects, making the most challenging topics engaging and relatable. 

Podcasts foster critical thinking by presenting diverse perspectives and encourage independent learning outside of traditional classrooms. Podcasts enhance listening skills, vocabulary, and overall comprehension while providing a much-needed break from screen-based education. 

They empower high schoolers to delve deeper into their interests, preparing them to become informed, curious, and lifelong learners ready to tackle the rigours of higher education and the complexities of the world beyond.

Here are five great Podcasts for teens.

1. Freakonomics Radio

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Freakonomics Radio is where economics meets the unexpected, the intriguing, and the downright curious. in every episode, host Stephen J. Dubner embarks on a journey through the fascinating realms of human behaviour and economics. In this podcast, economic principles aren’t just about charts and graphs; they’re the keys to unlocking the secrets of our world.

Through captivating storytelling, meticulous research, and enlightening interviews, ‘Freakonomics Radio’ reveals the hidden connections between economics and everyday life. From unravelling personal finance mysteries to tackling pressing social issues, this podcast transforms data analysis into a captivating adventure, making it accessible and thought-provoking for all.

2. Stuff You Should Know

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Stuff You Should Know is hosted by Josh and Chuck. This podcast is your ticket to an intellectual adventure spanning history, science, pop culture, and everyday curiosities.

In each episode, Josh and Chuck’s conversational style transforms complex subjects into easily digestible gems of insight. They peel back the layers on topics that ignite your curiosity, whether it’s the enigma of the Bermuda Triangle, the science of laughter, or the tantalizing history of chocolate.

3. Radiolab

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Radiolab is where science, philosophy, and storytelling collide. Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich provide an extraordinary audio adventure that dives deep into mind-bending topics. Explore the universe’s mysteries, human behaviour, and the wonders of our world. With captivating narratives, it’s a thought-provoking journey that makes complex concepts accessible and keeps you returning for more. Feed your curiosity about the cosmos, the human mind, and the mysteries of everyday life with Radiolab.

4. Science Friday

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Hosted by Ira Flatow, Science Friday guides you through captivating discussions, expert interviews, and the latest scientific discoveries. 

Whether your teen is a budding scientist or simply curious about the world around them, Science Friday is the go-to podcast for a fun and informative journey into the wonders of science. Stay up-to-date and inspired with this invaluable resource for all things science and technology!

5. Part-Time Genius

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Part-Time Genius is a podcast that explores captivating and quirky topics hosted by Will Pearson and Mangesh Hattikudur. The show combines humour and curiosity to provide deep dives into interesting facts, stories, and trivia. 

Each episode offers listeners an entertaining and informative journey through various subjects, from history and science to pop culture and everyday curiosities. With its engaging and light-hearted approach, Part-Time Genius offers a fun way to learn something new and intriguing with each episode.

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