How To Enrol Your Child At Oxford Learning

Once you’ve decided that tutoring is right for your child, the next step is enrolling him or her in a program.

It’s easy to enrol your child in a tutoring program at Oxford Learning. Once you contact Oxford Learning, we’ll teach you about our tutoring method and work with you to develop a program that is the best fit for your child.

Find out how to start the enrolment process so your child can begin achieving his or her goals today.

Enrolling Your Child At Oxford Learning

Step 1: Contact Oxford Learning

Contact your nearest Oxford Learning location to schedule a visit. We’ll arrange a time for you to see the centre and learn more about our tutoring process. Find your nearest centre’s contact information here.

Step 2: Visit Your Oxford Learning Centre

You and your child will visit the centre together to see what the learning space looks like and get a feel for what Oxford Learning is all about.

Step 3: Schedule A Dynamic Assessment

During your visit, we’ll schedule an assessment for your child and book a meeting to review the assessment findings. These results are what we’ll use to create a customized program for your child. Learn more about what to expect from our Dynamic Assessment.

Step 4: Learn About Your Child’s Classes

Our Education Directors will share some literature with you and explain everything about how our classes work. We’ll also answer any questions you have about your child’s program.

Step 5: Choose Your Child’s Class Schedule

Once our Education Directors have customized a program for your child, you’ll pick a day and time for your child’s first class. We’ll work with you to create a class schedule that is convenient for you and your child.

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