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Laugh It Off! Laughter Reduces Stress and Improves Learning for all Ages

Did you know that laughter can improve learning? It’s true! Humour and laughter are not just linked to helping you relax and feel better, they are also linked to helping the brain improve retention and recall… in other words, how well a student remembers a lesson and how long they remember it for. Laughter is a great form of stress relief, and that’s no joke!

Here’s how laughter can improve learning:

  1. When we laugh, the brain releases the chemical dopamine, also known as the feel-good hormone. 
  2. Laughter makes us relaxed and less anxious. 
  3. As anxiety decreases, the brain’s ability to retain information increases.

Reluctant to Learn? Laughter Can Help.

For students reluctant to dive into learning whether it’s in the classroom or online at home, humour can help create an upbeat atmosphere that sets the stage for learning to happen.

Because students feel good and are relaxed, they are less worried about how they will perform when learning. Their brains are happy, and that makes learning easier and more enjoyable.

When students start learning from a place of relaxation and happiness, learning becomes more enjoyable.

Take a Laugh Break!

Feeling well is linked to learning well. If students are feeling stressed about learning, try sandwiching laughter in between learning sessions. This will not only boost mood but will also help students remember what they are learning.

Make it meaningful: educators say that the key to using humour to enhance learning is to make the humour meaningful to the topic. This is why teachers often incorporate humour into instruction such as telling a math joke before an algebra lesson or sharing a riddle before science class.

Laugh and Learn at Home

Interested in using laughter to make learning at home easier? Whether it’s before an online class or before cracking the books to begin a nightly homework session,  take a minute or two to read some jokes, watch a bit of standup, or scroll through memes

Check out these 71 school jokes for elementary students from Kid Activity.net

For middle and high school students, check out this comprehensive joke compilation from Reader’s Digest.

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