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Keep your child’s academic progression going at home with Oxford Learning’s newest online learning program, Virtual Table™! Virtual Table™ online tutoring program uses screen sharing technology to allow students to work face-to-face with their Oxford Learning tutor using their familiar academic materials and workbooks in the comfort of their own home.

Fully Trained Tutors for At-Home Learning

Get instructions from the tutor, complete a page, and get feedback in real-time! Your child will love seeing familiar faces and receiving the same encouragement and support he or she gets in the Oxford Learning classroom. Connect with your centre today to learn more about using Virtual Table™ online tutoring program to keep your child’s academic momentum on track! 

Maintain Cognitive Progression at Home! How Virtual Table™ Online Tutoring Works:

  • LIVE: students work with tutors via screen-sharing technology. Sessions are not pre-recorded
  • INTERACTIVE: students get feedback and coaching from tutors in real-time
  • INDIVIDUALIZED: students work from workbook materials that meet their specific learning needs
  • SCHEDULED: students receive their learning materials ahead of the scheduled class time
  • SAFE: a private link and class password is emailed to parents the day of the class
  • PROPRIETARY: we only use learning materials developed by our curriculum experts
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Now Enrolling new students!

Exciting News! Virtual Table™ online tutoring program is now able to enrol new students. Our online placement guide will provide key details regarding a student's current reading, sentence creation, and mathematics skills. Using these findings, we select the proper program stream to best suit your child's needs.

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