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My son Colin will soon begin his journey into the world of postsecondary education, and thanks to his teachers at Oxford Learning, he is more organized and finally has confidence in his own judgment. He is more than prepared to tackle the SATs and is looking forward to heading off to college in the fall. You have passed the baton to him to begin his journey to the next stage of his life. R. Brandon

R. Brandon

Since starting at Oxford Learning two years ago, our two daughters are at the top of their classes in math! Besides their soaring academic achievement, their confidence has increased and they enjoy doing math because they understand it. The staff at Oxford Learning has always been friendly and professional. They have been more than accommodating in working with our busy schedules. We salute the staff for all the kindness and sincerity, which is one of the reasons that our children look forward to their days at Oxford Learning. Thank you all! E. Perioris

E. Perioris

Many times we have heard that the first six years form the rest of a person’s life. Now that we are coming onto five years in the parenting games, we feel that we are off to a pretty good start, in part due to the great crew at Oxford Learning. With the slogan, “We can teach a child to read at age three,” it is nice to have a service that actually delivers on that promise! T. Despas

T. Despas

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Math tutors in Calgary Crowfoot

A solid foundation in Mathematics can help in all areas of life. Our Math tutors help students reach their goals with engaging and fun Math tutoring programs.

Science tutors in Calgary Crowfoot

Our Science tutoring programs are customized to meet the unique needs and learning styles of each student so he or she can succeed in Science class.

English tutors in Calgary Crowfoot

Success in English requires skills beyond basic reading and writing. Our English tutors promote critical thinking and communication skills that help students across all subjects.

French tutors in Calgary Crowfoot

Oxford Learning®’s French tutoring programs help students build the skills and confidence needed to learn languages. Our French tutors develop your child’s Français in all areas.

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Make Homework Hassle-Free!

With better homework strategies and a solid homework routine, students can transform homework from stressful to stress-free!

Affordable Tutoring in Calgary Crowfoot

Oxford Learning®’s Calgary Crowfoot tutors help students of all skills levels achieve their potential, whether they are struggling in class or are looking for an extra challenge. Our Calgary Crowfoot tutoring programs help your child learn at his or her own pace, with dedicated educators, engaging lessons, and real-world applications.

With tutoring programs designed to meet the specific needs of every student, our tutors help your child focus on improving the areas he or she needs most. From helping improve grades in core subjects including Math, English, Science, and French to building stronger learning skills likes time management, note taking, and organization, our tutors in Calgary Crowfoot give students the tools they need to succeed in every subject.

Serving Calgary Crowfoot & Beyond

Oxford Learning® welcomes students from Calgary Crowfoot and surrounding areas, including Balzac, Cochrane, Huntington Hills.

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