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I just wanted to say that I appreciate all the hard work you have put into this online learning. I can’t tell you how happy I am. It is such a crazy time, and you guys seem to have put this together quite seamlessly. I know you all care about the well being of the kids and that shows in your sessions that I have been able to witness. I know "R" can be a challenge and make me want to pull my hair out, but you guys handle him so well. I just wanted you to know that I’m so appreciative of all your hard work. Thank you.
I have been attending Oxford Learning Center for about 5 years. I started with a focus on English skills, and am currently working on Grade 11 math. I like the flexibility of the program as it allows me to work on what I feel is most helpful for my school success. The teachers are supportive when I am struggling with something and provide positive feedback. I believe without having attended Oxford Learning Center I wouldn't have achieved the school success that I have.
C.O. (student)
Our daughter has struggled with reading comprehension and we watched her confidence at school dwindle which was very difficult knowing how bright she is. It was affecting all parts of her education as by grade 3 they are expected to complete a lot more independent work. Since starting with Oxford Learning , we have watched her confidence come back bit by bit, and she is most definitely doing better in school. She has some more work to do still, but I know that the incredibly supportive staff at Oxford Learning will be there to help her reach her full potential! She loves going to Oxford Learning , loves her teachers there and is thriving in ways we haven’t seen on a school front in some time. Thank you so much to all the staff at Oxford Learning for giving our child her love of learning back!
Janet B.
​Oxford Learning has taken the "battle" out of reading with our son. He is progressing through Oxford Learning 's reading levels and now reading time is a pleasant experience for the whole family. We usually give him a break from his school reading on Oxford Learning nights but he wants to do more reading when we get home! Thank you Oxford Learning for taking the reading battle out of our lives and giving us a peaceful home. ​
​A Happy Parent
Just wanted to let you know that Sumaiyah got her very first report card for grade 1 and she did amazing! Oxford Learning has made such a huge difference in her French skills and school experience overall! Having the support of all of you continues to increase her confidence and capabilities. Thanks again for the amazing job you have done, and continue to do, given the current situation we are all facing. We are so happy!
Sadia A.
We are so impressed with Oxford Learning Courtice! Our ninth-grader saw almost immediate results thanks to the attentive care of the staff. The sessions were flexible so that our son could review the lessons that were giving him trouble in a variety of subjects. The extra time to review the materials with the help of an expert was invaluable. When the pandemic hit, Oxford Learning quickly adapted to zoom learning, and we loved that even more! The staff are incredible and do everything they can to make the learning process smooth and rewarding.
Oxford Learning has really helped me improve my grades in school. I've been taught how to properly take notes as well as organize them so that I can use them later on without any difficulty. Since going to Oxford Learning I've had a much easier time reading over worksheets and understanding things. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Oxford Learning!
Connor B. (Grade 10 student)
I have three children enrolled in Oxford Learning Courtice location. Two are there for Math and one is in the Little Readers program. Joanna is easy to work with and understands the needs of all three children. The staff is engaging, caring, and progressive in their methods of teaching my children. Math has become easier to understand for the two older ones, and our Little Reader is reading very well and is excited about it. The time and investment in their learning is worth it. I highly recommend Oxford Learning. Homework help, test preparation, and general understanding of concepts....they have adequately equipped my children to excel.
Maxwell M.
Just wanted to let you know how AMAZING Abby is doing in High School. First semester of Grade 9 she got 82% in Art, 87% in English, 88% in French, 84% in Science. She just got 97% on her EQAO. Can you believe it? Going into her exams this week she has 85% in Gym, 92% in Family Studies, 96% in Math, and 96% in Geography. She studies, she does well on all her tests, and it's all down to you guys and all the help she received. Something must have clicked. It's incredible - thank you SO, SO much!
Our daughter was behind in school and her struggle was taking a toll on her confidence. We owe a huge thank you to the teachers at Oxford Learning who have taken the time to understand her individual needs and who have continued to work with our daughter in a way that works best for her. She’s got her confidence back and it shows in her work at the centre and at school. Our daughter looks forward to her classes each week and now has the desire to learn and challenge herself. She’s found a new love of learning and we couldn’t be more appreciative.
Sarah H.
After years of cancer treatment, our son had missed a lot of school. He was over two years behind in reading. I took him to Oxford Learning in Courtice, Ontario where an assessment was completed and he began the Beyond Tutoring program focusing on building his reading skills. I'm proud to say that he's now reading AT GRADE LEVEL and it's all thanks to the dedicated team of professionals at Oxford Learning who have had the patience and understanding to work with him through one of the most trying times of his life. We owe Joanna, Amanda and the rest of the amazing team at Oxford Learning a debt of gratitude. Now...on to conquering math at Oxford Learning too! With their guidance and encouragement, Trevor will begin working on his math skills and be caught up in no time. Thanks Oxford Learning!
Cindy Kurhan
As you know my daughter Asia was with you for about 2 years working on improving her math. During that time period we have seen tremendous growth in her abilities and more importantly her overall confidence. We quickly learned that Oxford Learning is not simply about helping a student with a particular subject but it is designed to make the individual a better overall student and ultimately a better person. As parents, we cannot say enough about you and your team. You guys were understanding, patient and treated our daughter as person and not simply another student. It was a pleasure having our daughter in your program and would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to anyone in need of your services. Thanks again,
Steve A.
My son is in grade 6 and attends Oxford Learning Centre. Not only have his grades improved but more importantly his confidence and attitude towards school has too! He has developed proper study habits which allows him to stay more focused, organized and to be more independent. Thank you Oxford Learning for giving him all the proper tools to succeed; and for teaching my son to believe in himself.
Tracy S.
Oxford Learning has been an amazing learning experience for me. My grades have improved greatly and so has my confidence! The teachers are great and help you every step of the way. When you walk in, you are greeted with warm smiles and a great positive environment. School isn’t the easiest thing and they understand that. Oxford Learning can help you with everything from French to Math. They have changed the way I think of school. I am now prepared and excited for high school!
M. Mc.
I have been working at Oxford Learning for about a year and a half now, and have enjoyed every minute of it! I have always had a passion for teaching and helping others to achieve their greatest potential. Over the time I have been with Oxford Learning, I have seen how each and every program is tailored to the exact needs of the individual students. My favourite part of being on the Oxford Learning team is that I get to see the students' progress every week, whether it is something small like figuring out how to pronounce a hard word or something bigger such as achieving a goal of getting a certain grade in a course. With everything being shut down right now, I love that we have found a way to keep our program running. Our team has been really good at working together and sharing ideas that have helped to make our Virtual Table Zoom classes just like our in-class sessions.
Mary (teacher)
My two teenage sons have quickly realized the benefits of coming to Oxford Learning over the past summer. Initially it was tough, as a parent, to convince them that Oxford was also for high school students. You and your staff are amazing at providing a positive and effective learning program, tailored to the specific areas in which my sons want to improve. I also appreciated the time and effort you spent listening to me about the boys’ histories and taking into consideration their strengths and weaknesses. My sons have already asked to continue with Oxford Learning during school in order to be proactive and excel in their grade 12 courses. Thank you so much!
A Happy Parent
Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for everything you have been able to do with Kolby...I know its been a struggle for him as no one, in many years, has shown him or given him the time to make him feel important. You have shown him that learning is important and is required in many areas of life. He has been able to overcome many obstacles from A through Z. Without your help, patience, understanding, concern, and even sometimes frustration you have shown him compassion, well being, and helped with his confidence. Before Oxford Learning, he often felt ignored and "stupid" at school. He has come a long way and we have YOU all to thank for that...you have been there for him for over 2 years now and it shows! His grades have gone up, he is paying more attention, he is asking questions. Yes homework and assignments are still a struggle, but it's coming...we all aren't perfect! I honestly wish there were more teachers like the ones at Oxford Learning showing the passion and care that you have shown Kolby...Kids today would be further ahead with everything...just my opinion, but don't think I am wrong. We are all more than grateful for the time and energy you have shown Kolby...we all appreciate it and look forward to another year with you all...thank you.
Tracey L.
My daughter has been attending Oxford Learning Courtice for almost five years. Our experience and interaction with their professional and patient staff has been wonderful and my daughter looks forward to every session. The goal-setting and learning plans have helped my daughter achieve great academic results, build learning skills, and more importantly, it’s helped her build confidence. Oxford Learning gives my daughter the individualized attention that’s not available in a crowded school classroom.
Laurie S.
Last week you asked me to write a testimonial of Mason’s experience in Oxford Learning Centre. I had planned to sit down with my husband and discuss all the good things that Oxford Learning has done for Mason. For this testimonial I had planned to mention that the school system had let him down, that he hated school and that he had zero confidence. I wanted to make sure my testimonial emphasized that Mason had been in French Immersion and that the school seemed to make their main focus on his behaviour in the classroom rather than his ability to do the required work. I repeatedly questioned if we should move him from the French program to English only. After much deliberation, and no support from the school, we made the switch to main stream English…which we knew would be tough for him since he would be behind in all aspects of English learning. As part of the switch, we committed to having him attend Oxford to catch up, particularly in his reading/writing. As you know, at the transition he was barely reading at a JK level…while in the middle of Grade 2. We have certainly had our ups and downs with him having to go to school AND go to Oxford Learning 2x/week but as time went on, there was less and less argument from him. He loves his teachers. He loves the recognition he gets when he works hard and he has definitely improved at school with his marks and his focus…behaviour issues are almost non-existent now. He is an active, sometimes impulsive, little boy who LOVES life! Seeing him dread school and learning was heartbreaking. After thinking about all the things I could say in my testimonial, I decided on the following instead… I wanted to share a very special moment that happened Friday, July 31st, 2015. Mason had been attending an Arts Camp for the week along with his sister and as part of the week’s activities, all the kids in the camp were to participate in a week-end “Showcase” for the parents. We arrived knowing that our daughter, who loves the spotlight, would have no issues participating. Mason on the other hand is more of a sports guy and because of this we weren’t sure how he was going to participate. The group had a few group routines which he gladly got up to dance and sing with the rest of the camp and his big sister standing beside him. Some kids got up with friends to lip sinc or do a special dance or activity. No words can describe the emotion I experienced when watching Mason, by himself, get up in front of the entire gymnasium of parents/kids to READ jokes from a joke book! Not just one joke, but 3 different jokes. We can’t thank you and your team enough for giving Mason the courage and confidence to do this. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
I just wanted to thank all of you for the great experience my son and I have had at Oxford Learning. I was initially impressed by the program developed for my child, as summer camps are not usually completely individualized. I was completely sold when it was so much fun for him! The “Make Your Own Sundae Night” was a blast for both of us. I will be extending my contract for more fun learning and will definitely enrol in summer camp for next year. I recommend Oxford Learning to anyone with children.
We can only speak for the Courtice Ontario branch and our experience has been nothing but great. I can’t imagine how far behind our son would be if it wasn’t for the staff at Oxford Learning Centre. Not only is he building a solid foundation of the necessary education he needs, he is doing much better at public school and his self confidence has improved 100%. At the Courtice location they periodically have after hours activities such as movie nights, parties, pumpkin carving and etc. It’s been a total blessing for our family and we don’t regret taking him to Oxford Learning Centre at all. The Oxford Learning Centre and staff at the Courtice Ontario location gets BIG HIGH FIVE from our family!
Roland L
We have seen substantial progress and development with the foundations of language and math the public school system no longer builds. Our girls report cards indicated they were "good/above average" students and as such were not getting the necessary one-on-one time with their everyday teachers to thoroughly absorb the basics. Oxford Learning has provided a comfortable, welcoming learning environment our girls enjoy each week. Our children now demonstrate a high degree of efficiency in language comprehension, reading, writing and math based on a solid understanding of the fundamentals provided by the excellent staff at Oxford Learning. Oxford Learning has filled a gap we were not aware loomed as large as it did. In the days of large public class sizes and curriculum with less emphasis on the foundations, Oxford Learning has been an investment in our children's future we are sure will pay dividends in the future.
Cindy & Steve L.
My daughter was struggling with her reading at the end of grade one and looking for some professional help we came across Courtice Oxford Learning location. That was back in July 2011. Joanna and Amanda are fantastic! Initially my intention was to register just my daughter but I liked them so much I also registered my son (he was in JK at that time). Both my children enjoy going to Oxford Learning and their progress amazed us as parents! Emma and Andrew love reading now. They are confident, happy and their relationship with the all Oxford Learning Courtice branch staff is based on trust and respect The staff is taking time to address each child's needs and tailor their program for each individual - this is their success recipe in my opinion. The extra effort put into their social events (movie night/ Halloween party just to name a couple) give the children opportunity to meet other children and have fun. They are still going to Oxford Learning and still enjoy every lesson. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who would need it - they will never regret it!
Daniela P.
"Every six weeks, I've had meetings with Joanna from Oxford Learning Courtice, and each time, I'm thrilled to see the progress The K Man is making from month to month. ... It's thrilling to tell you that, yes, The K Man -- by mid-October -- was assessed by his elementary school teacher with an early grade one reading capability. I wept with joy and pride the day we heard that result. ... So, while I hope The K Man turns out to be above average, I need to take matters into my own hands to get him there. With extra attention at home and a boost from Oxford Learning, I think his future's looking pretty damn good." (Read the full blog post at mommygearest.com)
I wanted to share some exciting news with you ! I took a picture of B. R's marks last year in reading and writing...and today's report card for you to see. Last year and previous years' reading and writing have always been: Reading B- writing C+ Today's report card : Reading B. Writing B- WOW! I am so happy! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Brenda R.
I wanted to say how happy we are with the Oxford Learning program and the decision we made to enroll Madison. She is much more confident in her reading and her school work in general. At school, she was on level A in January when we first enrolled her. She just brought home her first level D book this week and she is so proud! Oxford Learning has given her the skills and confidence to achieve this.
Jeff W.
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for Madisyn. She definitely has come a long way with your help! You and your staff have made a huge difference in her life. She is more confident now again. Thank you!
Sandi S.
Our son could not have progressed to this point without your excellent support. His teachers were not giving him the support he needed, and we were at a loss at how to close such a giant skills gap. Your objective interpretation of and advice on some of the documents (e.g., IEP-related) that have come home from the school have been so insightful and helpful. You have helped and supported our son – actually, this entire family -- so much! A grade 3 teacher has even said that our son could not have advanced as quickly as he has without Oxford Learning. We are all VERY grateful. Sincerely, thank you for all you have done!
The Maclean Family
Thank you so much for the follow up. I really appreciate it. The girls seem more confident and eager to learn. I am so happy that I choose Oxford Learning and grateful for all the hard work and commitment that the teachers are giving my daughters.
We first contacted Oxford Learning after we investigated three other programs available in the area to help our daughter who had experienced a trauma and had gotten behind in school. Their ability to quickly pinpoint where the problems were stemming from, discuss and organize a plan of "attack", and engage our daughter in such a manner that she looked forward to her classes after school, two nights a week...was just outstanding to me. The level of commitment to our child's success was no less than if she were their own child. She is now finishing Grade 8, level with her peers, enjoying school for the 1st time and looking forward to High School. I cannot Thank the team enough for their hard work and dedication. You all deserve the highest accolades for all that you do to make each and every child realize their potential.
Jodi B.
Oxford Learning helped transform our daughter from a student who hated school into one who now attends university and is interested in pursuing a masters degree. They provided transferrable learning tools that have proven to be invaluable. Our only regret is that we did not enrol her sooner!
MC (Parent)
Oxford Learning Courtice helped our daughter when all other efforts had failed. She attended for math tutoring but Oxford Learning’s teachers, learning strategies, and coaching on organizational skills transformed her into a motivated and overall successful student. Thank you to the team at Oxford Learning Courtice!
RLB (Parent)
I have good news for you! Claire got 30/30 on her math test the other day! Her riding instructors have commented on how she seems so much more confident! Claire said that she thinks going to Oxford Learning is helping her confidence in everything! THANK YOU!
Katrina H.
Since my son has joined Oxford Learning for French support, he has improved immensely! Not only in his grades but also in his self-confidence. He went from a C student to an A/B student! Even his teachers are commenting on how much he has improved in the past year. Thank you Oxford Learning for teaching my son the skills to get through a difficult time. Oxford Learning provides such a positive learning environment that we have since enrolled all 3 of our children. We can't say enough great things about Oxford Learning Courtice!
Michelle K.
I found my child's experience at Oxford Learning to be very rewarding. Oxford Learning has a relaxed environment where the staff is very dedicated to helping your child succeed. Oxford Learning provides a small ratio of teacher and student. This was exactly what I was looking for! They provide an individualized learning plan unique to your child. There is always lots of positive encouragement from the staff. Oxford Learning will also work with your child's teacher from school to strive towards helping your child progress further at school. Oxford Learning provides me with "Progress Reports" often so that I know exactly how my son is doing. I give Oxford Learning an overall Grade of A+!
I first called Oxford Learning Courtice the summer before my son started grade 1. His SK teacher had raised concerns regarding his reading and although I felt he was still young to go into panic mode, I wanted to see what was out there and how we could help him. In my initial phone call, I asked the all-important question about cost and was a little taken aback by the monthly fees. Like any family struggling with finances, I felt it was expensive and wasn’t really convinced it would be worth it. In the numerous phone calls from me over the next couple of weeks, the staff at the centre made me realize that this was a step I needed to take for my son. They were always helpful on the phone, always supportive, never annoyed that I called several times a week asking different questions each time, and always just emphasized how sure they were that they could help my son. Needless to say, I enrolled my son and have never looked back. He went from barely knowing his letters in the summer of 2011 to now reading at grade level in grade 2. His teacher in grade 1 wanted to put him on an IEP and Oxford Learning supported me through the whole process. Joanna went to speak to his teacher with me when I announced that I was NOT going to put him on an IEP and wanted to give him time with Oxford Learning to improve. The staff held my hand after that meeting when my son brought home his first “R” on his report card and they assured me that it was all going to be okay. I have to say that Oxford Learning was worth every penny; and in hind sight, I would probably pay more for it now that I know how much it has helped and how much they care. My son loves going to his classes. The teachers make him laugh and make it seem like it’s party time every time he reads a new word! I don’t regret my decision for a minute. For all of those parents out there who are skeptical about spending the money on a program at Oxford Learning, stop second guessing! You will be so thankful in the end!
Lucy C.
Our family couldn’t be happier with Oxford Learning Centre in Courtice. Our boys have grown academically so much. The hard work and dedication that the Oxford Learning teachers have provided is tremendous and has certainly helped where regular schooling has failed us. In two short years, our one son has improved so fast that he's caught up to his classmates. Both our boys have better self-confidence and overall better attitudes toward learning. It’s amazing what a great job they have done for our family. Thank you Oxford Learning!
Katherine V.
My youngest son was in Grade 1 French immersion when he started tutoring at Oxford Learning in English at the beginning of January 2019. He was only reading at a pre-k level if even that. I was concerned about how he would manage Grade 2 when he would start English classes at school. I wanted to give him the tools and skills to succeed. Well almost a year later, thanks to Oxford Learning, he is progressing with leaps and bounds. He loves to go. He willingly does his homework. He reads to me without a battle that use to end in tears. The support and encouragement of the instructors at Oxford Learning provide to us is huge. I have even noticed that the skills and confidence he has gained at Oxford Learning have transferred to his French as well. His growing confidence is so apparent. Oxford Learning has helped my son discover his love of reading. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with something as important as my child’s learning. Thank you Oxford learning and all the fabulous instructors!
Lynne R.
Wanted to let you know... Jake had his geography exam on Thursday. Been a bit worried cause he was really struggling in it. The teacher is a hard marker. Low and behold he finished with a 62% after his exam! I'm over the moon with this news! Thanks to you guys he's starting to get the confidence to do well! See you tomorrow at study hall! Now he just has his English exam on Monday. . . going in with a 72%!
Jennifer C.
My son has been attending Oxford Learning since July 2019. To say that I (we) are happy would be an understatement. We came into this hoping that he could get some help on subjects he was having extreme difficulties with. We were told he had learning disabilities, and we were aware, from his IEP at school, that certain subjects were modified. He has always struggled feeling like he isn't smart enough or doesn't have the right answers. He had just finished grade 4. I received positive feedback about Oxford from my sister-in-law and we decided we needed to look into it. Coming in I felt nervous, but once I met with Lindsey and Joanna, all that nervousness went away. From the assessment they did with my son and the information they had from his current IEP, I felt like they knew him before they even met him. So we signed him up. It took some time as he doesn't like change and/or new routines, but overall he accepted attending as we explained how it would benefit him in the long run for his education. He took some time to open up but he soon was open to the learning and instructions from the teachers. Lindsey constantly works on building his self-esteem (which we have seen an improvement on), but she also knows how to push him to his best because she has so much faith in him and knows what he is capable of. Since he has started at Oxford Learning, he has gone up in grades for his reading comprehension and spelling. All the teachers at Oxford Learning Courtice are amazing and they work so hard to help the children on all subjects they struggle with. My daughter even attended for a semester as she needed extra help with biology, chemistry, and math. We would highly recommend Oxford Learning and if it was at all possible, I would love to have our son there for all of his educational learning!
Crystal V.
I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Oxford Learning for always thinking of Aedan, especially in these unprecedented and uncertain times! Aedan is truly enjoying his online learning with Ms. Lillian. He loves the ability to log on and work through his daily activities. He is more engaged and excited about learning than he has ever been. I truly hope that online learning can continue in the future for him, and look forward to his future in learning!
Brittany H.
Hailey is really enjoying the online classes. I know you guys have put a great deal of work into making this work as well as it does. You’ve done a great job. Stay safe!
Lesley S.

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