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Summer Programs Available for Summer 2022


  • Half Day Academic Brain Boost Camps that run from 9AM - 11:45 and 12:15 - 3:00. This program is meant for students who are looking for a more academically based program.
  • Week-long Day Camps - ROBLOX and DRAMA. These programs are meant for students looking for some academics, but more of a theme based program.
  • Leader in Training Program - This program is meant for students in Gr. 8, 9 or 10. It is a leadership based program that will give students experience and also build interpersonal skills
  • Regular after school-style tutoring (to register for this program, please call the centre at 519-826-5365)



  • Part-Time Math and Science Teacher

    Position Details

    Part-Time Math and Science Teacher

    High School Math/Science Teacher

    Motivated by mathematics? Sharp with science? Excited by equations in both fields? Eager to help students succeed in math and science? 

    Oxford Learning Guelph is looking for an upbeat, dynamic part-time High School Math/Science teacher who wants to work in a challenging and rewarding teaching environment. Candidates must possess a strong background in Math and Science and must be comfortable teaching students in Grades 9 – 12 at all levels in both subjects

    We focus on cognitive personal development and look for individuals who will honour Oxford teaching methods and philosophy in a fun environment; We will train you in our innovative Interactive Coaching methods that teach students how to learn and study more effectively.

    Our candidate must have:

    • General Qualifications:
      • A rockstar personality, tenacious drive, strong leadership skills
      • Ability to work in an environment that yields fast paced results
      • The ability to multitask, be flexible, and think on your feet
      • Vibrant personality, and enjoys interaction with young people
      • Dynamic, energetic, and outgoing personality
      • Dedicated and passionate teacher who thrives on seeing students succeed
      • Upbeat and willing to motivate children
      • Must be flexible in availability (Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 - 8:00 is a MUST)
    • Specific Qualifications:
      • Experience in either teaching or tutoring high levels of math
      • Bachelor’s Degree or third/fourth year university students with extensive tutoring experience
      • Must have extensive knowledge of the current Grade 9-12 math and science curriculum including but not limited to advanced functions, calculus, physics, chemistry, and biology
      • Good knowledge of the current Grades 9-12 math curriculum, particularly senior maths including Advanced Functions, Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus, and Vectors

    If you possess all of the above qualities, meet all the qualifications, and want to join a high-energy group of educators whose goal is to see students succeed, then please send your cover letter and resume to: guelph@oxfordlearning.com. We thank all applicants for their interest in Oxford Learning. However, only those selected for the interview process will be contacted.


Guelph Family

Brianna T.

English Tutor

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Jordan P.

Math & Science Tutor

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Parveen K.

Language Tutor

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We truly could not be more pleased with our experience at Oxford Guelph. Our daughter has been enrolled part time in a learning pod and it has been life-changing. The staff and the location are wonderful and our daughter is thriving in the environment as a result of the small class size and the ongoing support, dedication and focus she is receiving. Oxford mornings are a blessing in our home, attitudes are positive and everyone is happy and excited to start the day. As a parent I am also so pleased with the consistent dialogue with the staff and feel so confident in our choice to send her there. We truly cannot speak highly enough of our experience and we are so grateful to everyone there for encouraging our daughter and her individual needs far better than the public system could, particularly during these incredibly challenging times.
Oxford Learning had been a great place for both of my kids. Because of Oxford Learning's help, understanding, and patience, my kids have found confidence in improving their grades and asking for help at school. The staff's upbeat personalities combined with their positive attitudes has shown my kids that there's always a way to navigate through struggles in any subject. I would definitely recommend Oxford Learning to anyone whose child needs help! I have seen the difference! I will never forget the help given and thankful they are there whenever needed!
Melissa , Martin, Carson and Paetra☺
The staff at this location are amazing. From the moment you walk in, they are welcoming and they make the learning process fun. Both of my children have attended Oxford Learning and they have quickly reached grade level or above in the subjects they were working on. My oldest tells anyone who will listen that he learns so much at Oxford Learning he wishes he could attend Oxford Learning full time instead of school. If you are looking to get your child some extra help with school this is definitely the number one place you should check out. Oxford Learning is very organized, detailed and parents are kept in the loop. It will definitely be money well spent.
D. Phillips
My son went to Oxford Learning in the summer because he was having a hard time completing math calculations in a timely manner. The team at Oxford Learning made it fun to be there (even though it's tough to have to go to "school" in the summer) and they even did other things to help him prepare for Grade 7 as far as organization and planning. He just got his first report card and not only is he now excelling in math, but it's also the best report card he's ever had! He's even complaining that math is too easy! What a change! I would recommend to anyone who thinks their child could use some guidance in any area of study!
Guelph Oxford Learning continues to be the best thing we did for our kids. Kim and her team are extremely efficient, dedicated, and knowledgeable. It is amazing to see my kids happy to go there to study, and come back home saying all the great things they learned. It is a combination of winnings, they are better at school in all subjects, and their confidence in themselves are the most precious thing that Oxford Learning helped to build. My kids feel proud and happy about their achievements, and how the amazing Oxford Learning team celebrates and recognizes their success. THANK YOU! The extra “study time” program for the High school students that the Guelph Oxford Learning team offers is the proof how they care about their students success! A word for the parents… I wish I had registered my kids at Guelph Oxford Learning when they were 3 years old! THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT TEAM AND WORK!
Andrea N.C.
In our search to help our 10-year old gain confidence in school, a friend told us about Oxford Learning. What an amazing and successful journey this has been for him! Words cannot express what he has taken from the last 10 months. Somehow, the amazing staff is able to balance fun and learning, and they do it well! They make every student who walks in the door feel special and smart. They go above and beyond every single day! Our son has improved in all aspects of his report card but more importantly, he believes in himself! A huge thank you to Kim, Maki, and all of the other amazing teachers for all you do!
Kevin W.
When I picked Benny up from Oxford Learning on Saturday he was beyond proud of himself. With tears in his eyes, he says to me “Mommy I read a whole book all by myself at Oxford Learning today. My heart is not broken anymore…my heart feels whole again…I can actually read!” He started crying, I started crying, and we both started cheering because as proud as I was of him, he was just as proud of himself. My goodness, I’m crying just typing this. I had no idea he could express himself that way, and that is how he felt! I knew he was frustrated with reading, but not heartbroken. I am so relieved we are at Oxford Learning. I can’t thank you and your team enough.
Michelle B.
It’s really helped my understanding in math and is one of my favorite places to go because of the friendly staff and great atmosphere. It’s great if you need help or study skills. It’s the best and will help you with school no matter how old you are.
Today, after Carter completed his French math homework and understood what he was reading, my son said, "Mom, I think I've finally unleashed my smartness." To recap, he was illiterate in September. Now he is reading French and English. I love what Oxford Learning has done for Carter. Thank you.
Anonymous Parent
Oxford Learning has been a life-changer for increasing my daughter’s confidence, academics, and quality of work. The Oxford Learning staff are encouraging, knowledgeable people that work with my daughter’s individual needs. The program and the staff are absolutely amazing. After about two years of attending, my daughter has gone from being a year behind to being at grade level and above. They have given her a strong foundation in math and English that is helping her to adapt to all new learning. Oxford Learning Guelph is a game-changer!
Anne Marie H. C.

We are now registering for our private day school learning pods program.

If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional school classroom that focuses on literacy, math and science, please give us a call at 519-826-5365.

Pod spots are limited to 6 students per pod. We are only taking 12 students total for each session (two pods of 6 students) so if you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible. We have 2900 sq ft of space, so the pod classes will run simultaneously but be in different classrooms within the centre.



Tutoring in Guelph That Makes A Difference

Oxford Learning®’s Guelph tutoring programs are designed with the student in mind, and customized to meet his or her individual learning needs. Our tutors believe that every child can benefit from a tutoring program to help him or her boost performance in the classroom and beyond.

At Oxford Learning®, we provide engaging and effective tutoring programs in subject areas including math, science, English, and French, as well as programs designed to improve students’ study skills. Our Guelph tutors are dedicated to making sure your child achieves results, while having fun at the same time.

Online Tutoring • Serving Guelph & Beyond

Oxford Learning® welcomes students from Guelph and surrounding areas, including Aberfoyle, Ariss, Fergus, Rockwood.

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Math tutors in Guelph

Many students dislike math. Our math tutoring programs make math easier to understand with with engaging, fun math lessons that help students gain a better understanding of the material.

Science tutors in Guelph

With customized science tutoring programs, our tutors provide a personalized approach that helps your child understand science in a way that makes sense to him or her.

English tutors in Guelph

Our English programs are designed to help students build more effective reading, writing, and comprehension skills that will help them achieve better English grades.

French tutors in Guelph

Our French tutors teach students the skills and confidence they need to master the language, including vocabulary, writing, and conversation skills.

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Get Organized and Get Better Grades

One of the key skills students needs to get better grades is organization. Unfortunately, organization isn't always taught in school. Oxford Learning can help! By learning how to group, sort, and categorize, students learn to apply organization skills to all areas of life, including their schoolwork